How to organise a bookcase

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how to organise a bookcase

How to Organise Your Bookcase: 6 Steps

Pro Tip: Before you organize your books, you may want to declutter. Divide your hardbacks and paperbacks for a cleaner, more streamlined look on your bookshelves. Pro Tip: If you like color-coordinating your books, try doing it to your wardrobe, too. Keeping all your books in neat rows is a thing of the past. You can stack by theme, cover, or size, and keep stacks on their own or use them to break up a row.
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organizing my bookshelves!

For picture-perfect bookcase decorating, resist the urge to pack in accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean look by choosing a one-color or tone-on-tone.

12 Clever Ways to Organize Your Book Collection

Create little vignettes. Make books look special by lining up a few vertically on top of a horizontal stack. Or hang a small print behind another object, like a lamp. These groupings let your things shine. Empty space is important too. In a few key spots, breathing room keeps full shelves from appearing cluttered. The shelf above this was packed, so I kept open space below it.


Organizing a bookshelf can be fun, either for your librarian side or your inner interior decorator. There are several go-to methods for sorting books, but quite a few alternatives let you experiment with appearance and function. To organize a bookshelf, try organizing it by size, with the tallest books on the bottom and the shortest books on the top. Alternatively, you can make a fiction and a nonfiction pile, and sort your fiction books by author or genre and your nonfiction books by topic. Or, you can sort your books from largest to smallest, by color, or by frequency of use. To learn how to decorate a bookshelf, scroll down! To create this article, 39 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time.

I love books. I love reading them, I love talking about them, and I especially love owning them. I like to think of my book fetish as a healthy addiction my friends and family do not always agree, for they sigh that I must have enough books to last me a lifetime, so why bother buying more? Therefore, I have tried to develop a way which makes it easy to organise all of your books in a way that makes perfect sense to you. If you read on, you will find a way to organise your hundreds of books, scores of authors, and dozens of genres, in all ranges of colours, and it will no longer be an ordeal deciding where your latest acquisition should be placed. You will never lose track of your books again, and it will bring a smile to your face every time you look at your personalised bookcase. You just have to think about which method you will use, and then the fun can start!

Of course we do—books are great! Behold, the things I tried, the things that failed, and the things that worked in my journey to learn how to organize bookshelves with a lot of books. Alphabetizing is one of the most obvious options, and is likely the best way if you want to quickly find a particular book. As with any organizational method, there are pros and cons to this choice. You can arrange your books by whatever genres you have, such as:. There are a lot of interesting options within the color-organizing category, such as arranging them into some type of pattern within the color coding, or actually covering your books with wrapping paper so that different sections are clear. For example, history books might be organized starting with Ancient Greece up through 18 th Century British History, and then into current history books.


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