The last paradise a novel

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the last paradise a novel

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Glorious in scope, The Last Paradise follows the downtrodden and oppressed people of Galveston, Texas, through trials of injustice and bigotry in post-Civil War America. Novelist Michael Kasenow artfully weaves a tapestry of vivid and historic detail in this inspiring story of strength and survival. During the beginning of the twentieth century, the alley people in Galveston band together against racism, prejudice, and poverty hidden within the hypocrisy of civic and corporate corruption. The men and women of the alley refuse to capitulate to the rich and privileged, drawing instead upon their inner strength and character instilled by their upbringing in frontier America, with its brand of retributive justice that allows them to overcome what is imposed—to be the free men and women demanded by their courageous spirits, even in the midst of turmoil. Rich with stunning depictions of turn-of-the century Galveston and the devastation wrought by the Great Hurricane of , The Last Paradise illuminates resilience and fortitude of the great city itself, brought about by the same strengths held by its common citizens. Humorous, evocative, and sobering, this breathtaking novel is an adventure that encompasses the human soul. The Last Paradise is a stirring story of the strength and endurance of these unwavering men and women fighting to keep their dignity through the trials of injustice and bigotry in the age of Jim Crow.
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Novels that take place in Hawai'i almost invariably hinge on the sacredness of the land, the importance of family and ancestors, and the continuing vitality of Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

The Last Paradise

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Richard L. Summer, Cedarville College. Despite the new genre, Lanzara's book is anything but vanilla narrative. His writing has an invisible poetic quality, an elevation of language that honors the original. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Rate this book. From acclaimed Dutch novelist Cees Nooteboom comes a haunting tale of angels, art, and modern love. Cees Nooteboom, hailed by A. Not long after, Dutch novelist Erik Zontag is in Perth, Australia, for a literary conference and finds a winged woman curled up in a closet in an empty house. The intersection of their paths illuminates the ways in which the divine touches our lives. With a beautiful stranger aboard a Berlin-bound flight and a haggard-looking man on a Holland train platform, Nooteboom builds a complex, haunting story of longing, regret, and rebirth in the dawn of the new millennium. Lost Paradise is an affirmation of our underlying humanity in an increasingly fragmented age, a deeply resonant tale of cosmically thwarted love.

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