Key character in a novel

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key character in a novel

Character Types in Literature: Writing Guide - A Research Guide for Students

The Eight Character Roles describe what function each character serves in the story. They are similar to archetypes, but with less importance on how the character behaves as a person and more importance on what each character does for the story. Character roles are not interested in how the character approaches the job, just that the job is fulfilled. Note: I advise using this as a rewriting tool to avoid forcing characters into a role they are not meant to have. Instead, allow the characters to exist as they already are in your creative mind and they will naturally find a role, which you can flush out during the rewriting stage. Protagonist — the character responsible for handling the main problem and the one most in need of change, emotionally.
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Get Readers Hooked on Your Main Character

Do you know how many characters types are there in literature? If you love to read literature, especially fiction stories and novels of if you are an aspiring fiction writer, you would be knowing about some basic character types, i.

5 Important Characters to Have in Every Story

A story is something that happens to a character or because of a character and the subsequent changes that occur for said character. Basically, someone is one way, this thing happens, that someone is now different than before. But did you know your character could be as many as three different characters? This article dives into three of these character profiles: the Protagonist, the Main Character, and the Hero. This is your character that I talked about in my previous article.

A story certainly needs a plot. We have to feel the characters will do something interesting and it will be a tale worth telling. When we feel a character is real, the plot events matter more. So on the one level we are drawn in by intellectual curiosity about an unusual situation. How did it happen?

But there are some types of characters that every story must have. I don't like that word, because it makes them seem less important.
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Types of characters in literature

They say it takes all kinds to make the world go round — and the same is true of stories. Click To Tweet. But in the ever-intricate realm of stories, there are many more nuanced types to consider! Before we explore these types, however, you should know that there are two main ways to classify them: by role, and by quality. Character role refers to the part that one plays in the story. This means all other roles stem from their relationship to the protagonist. Basically, these types define how characters interact and affect one another.

Your set of characters is the most important element in your story. While plot is pivotal, setting is fundamental, point of view is necessary, and theme is required, no story element ranks above character. Characters serve as the driving force in your story. Your characters create and push your plot forward. Finally, your characters illustrate and personify the theme of your story.



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