2006 novel by thomas harris

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2006 novel by thomas harris

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Monsters lurk in the crevices between male desire and female survival. No other writer in the last century has conjured those monsters with more terrifying brilliance than Thomas Harris. Twenty-five million dollars in cartel gold lies hidden beneath a mansion on the Miami Beach waterfront. Ruthless men have tracked it for years. Leading the pack is Hans-Peter Schneider. Driven by unspeakable appetites, he makes a living fleshing out the violent fantasies of other, richer men.
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For years I have helplessly battled the problem that caused me to misbehave. I intend to seek treatment for it immediately. Now for the second-least-welcome thoughts about Lecter. And these, unlike the above, actually were written by Mr. Plot points: Hannibal suffered a terrible trauma in childhood. Bad, bad men cooked and ate his baby sister.

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I s there another contemporary fictional character who exerts a more gruesome fascination than the murderous psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter? He is the defining Hollywood antihero of our times, with his own long and elaborately detailed entry on Wikipedia, and he returns early next month when his reclusive creator, Thomas Harris, publishes his first novel for seven years, and the fourth in the multimillion-selling Lecter series, Hannibal Rising, a prequel to the earlier books that follows Lecter from childhood to the age of Extraordinary secrecy surrounds the new book, which began as a script Harris wrote for a film that is out on general release in February next year. A worldwide embargo means that no proof copies are being sent out in advance of publication on 5 December. Harris, as ever, will be doing no interviews.


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So the new novel, Cari Mora , is likely to attract all the wrong kinds of interest, with Hannibal fans looking for a new monster to love and bookmakers wondering not if but how badly Harris is off his game. Cari Mora is an entirely Hannibal Lecter-free novel; what better occasion for the literary world to take some revenge for having been held in thrall to the character for two decades by calling that thrall a fluke? She tends the plants, the pool, the collection of Hollywood curios, and the cockatoo, content to work many jobs and keep a low profile, always wary of her immigration status in a newly xenophobic country. She knows guns, explosives, and violence with an intimacy that spans her entire adult life, which makes her all the more fervently yearn for peace and quiet. And you can walk around barefoot and the floor feels good.


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    William Thomas Harris III (born September 22, ) is an American writer, best known for a series of suspense novels about his most famous character, Hannibal Lecter. . in 'Silence' sequel", Lubbock Avalanche Journal; Cowley, Jason (November 19, ), "Creator of a Monstrous Hit", The Observer; Dunning, John.

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    A new novel by 'Silence of the Lambs' author is creeping our way

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    Thomas Harris | Hannibal Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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