The canterville ghost novel in hindi

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the canterville ghost novel in hindi

The Canterville Ghost Summary CBSE Class 11 English Novel - CBSE Tuts

Horace B. Otis, a wealthy American, purchases Canterville Chase, an ancient English manor-house, despite warnings that the house is known to be haunted. He moves into the house accompanied by his wife, his eldest son Washington, his daughter Virginia, and his two younger twin sons. Immediately upon arrival, the family is confronted by a bloodstain in a sitting room. The housekeeper, Mrs. Umney , explains that the stain has been there since and is the result of Lady Eleanore de Canterville having been brutally murdered by her husband, Sir Simon de Canterville. The Otis family takes a pragmatic perspective and scrubs the stain away; they repeat the process when the stain continues to reappear every morning.
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The Canterville Ghost full movie in hindi

His parents were successful Dublin intellectuals. Until he was nine, Oscar Wilde was educated at home. A French borne and a German governess taught him their languages at home.

The Canterville Ghost Summary

In the morning, the family discusses the ghost. Otis is annoyed that his gift was not accepted. He tells the twins it was rude to throw the pillow at the ghost, but notes that if the ghost continues to refuse to use the lubricator, his chains will have to be taken from him otherwise none of them will get any sleep. Nothing else happens for a week, except that the bloodstain is always renewed every morning even though the door to the room is locked every night. It also begins to change color, from different shades of red to green. The family is very amused by this, except for Virginia, who becomes somewhat upset every time she sees the stain, most specifically the morning it is green.

Questions on the text. When the American, Mr Otis, bought Canterville Castle, everyone told him that this was very foolish, as the place was haunted. And if there were such a thing as a ghost in Europe, we would have it at home in one of our museums. A few weeks later, on a lovely July evening, Mr Otis, his wife and their children, Washington, Virginia and the twins, went down to their new home. When they entered the avenue of Canterville Castle, the sky suddenly became dark and a spooky stillness was in the air. Mrs Umney, the housekeeper, led them into the library of the castle, where they sat down and began to look around. It must be removed at once.

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Now, we will look at the chapter wise summary of the story. Otis buys Canterville Castle despite everyone warning him about how it was a foolish idea and that it was haunted.

A few days after this, Virginia and her curly-haired cavalier went out riding on Brockley meadows, where she tore her habit so badly in getting through a hedge that, on their return home, she made up her mind to go up by the back staircase so as not to be seen. As she was running past the Tapestry Chamber, the door of which happened to be open, she fancied she saw some one inside, and thinking it was her mother's maid, who sometimes used to bring her work there, looked in to ask her to mend her habit. To her immense surprise, however, it was the Canterville Ghost himself! He was sitting by the window, watching the ruined gold of the yellowing trees fly through the air, and the red leaves dancing madly down the long avenue. His head was leaning on his hand, and his whole attitude was one of extreme depression.

Bhootnath is the adapted version of the Canterville Ghost, a short story by a well-known Irish writer, Oscar Wilde. I read the plot of the original short story and was surprised to know that Bhootnath is very similar to the original except for a few points. In the Canterville Ghost, the family moves into the haunted house without believing in spirits and start to experience weird things while there, much like the Sharma family. The difference is that in the original story, the entire family sees the Canterville ghost, and are not afraid of it. For example, when the ghost makes clanking sounds, the family offers him oil for lubrication.



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