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love is love graphic novel

Love Is Love: An Inside Look At the Banning of an LGBTQ+ Comic | Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The school principal had suggested seeking funding through the Irving Schools Foundation and attended the grant presentation made to receive the grant. The foundation provided a grant for the purchase of a number of copies of the graphic novels — March, Speak, Monster, Love is Love, In Real Life and Hidden — chosen as they related to bullying, sexual abuse, child labour, violence, the prison industrial complex and bigotry, but as they were being laminated to extend their library use, the school principal entered the room and told the staff pack up the books because a complaint had reached the superintendent, concerning one of the books, Love Is Love. The comic was produced with volunteer work by dozens of artists — and also featured the first official Harry Potter comic. Only for a committee to decide to ban the book from the school. The book mentions homosexuality, that is part of its purpose, and portrays gay men and women, but no sex scenes, no nudity, a little hand-holding, some kissing and lots of hugging. And a lot of it is stories about people dealing with death. Waugh left the school and found new work, but troubled, tried to raise the matter again, with senior staff at the school who she claims denied knowledge of the situation, despite having been in meetings regarding the ban.
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Love Is Love Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

By James Firkins February 13, It has to be, to fight so much hate. The page graphic novel, published Dec. However, not all the entries are proud and unashamed declarations of love. There is a close-up illustration of a contented child hugging his mother, head on her hip, as we barely see over his shoulder a bathroom door displaying three bullet holes.

Graphic Novels. Franklin, Tee. Bingo Love. ISBN Hazel and Mari meet as teenagers in and become fast friends. A kiss in front of a church turns their relationship into something more.

IDW and DC release 'Love is Love' anthology benefitting Orlando survivors, families

If you haven't heard about Love is Love now is the time to check it out. Rich, Love is Love is a New York Times best-selling anthology graphic novel that united the comic book community in support of the victims and families affected by the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. Together, this team called upon industry colleagues to lend their talents to a benefit comic book. In these divisive and difficult times, seeing the outpouring of love and support for victims of hate by people of every race, creed, orientation and nationality shows me that there is much good in the world. We just need to keep fighting the good fight and love will win. The graphic novel is currently in its fourth printing, and the remaining copies will be donated to Equality Florida and sold as fundraising items. You can pick up your copy of Love is Love now at your local comic shop.

Love is love is a difficult book to review. Only a theme: Love transcends all and all Love is the same. Whether it is hetrosexual, homosexual, a sexual etc. Love comes in many forms but there is no true secular love. Not out of choice I just rarely interact with them. So perhaps this book is aimed directly at me. What it did do though is offer me a new perspective on several things.

On June 12, , 49 people lost their lives and 53 people were injured at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He wanted to prove that Love Is Love …. What thoughts first crossed your mind, in what it meant to you and to the gay community at large? Marc Andreyko : Initially, I got sick — felt punched in the gut and had dry-heaves for a few minutes. And I initially flashed back emotionally to the darkest days of the AIDS crisis, when death was swift and everywhere. In some ways, we had come so far, but in others… well, hate is really hard to extinguish sometimes.


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    Recently Anna Waugh, an English teacher in Texas, wrote a piece offering an inside glimpse of the process that led to her old school banning the comic anthology Love is Love.

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