How to write book notes

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how to write book notes

How to Take Better Notes: The 6 Best Note-Taking Systems

Do you ever copy down pages of notes while reading but still struggle to remember what you read? Alternatively, do you read through texts without taking notes and while only half paying attention? This handout discusses the importance of taking good notes while reading and provides several different strategies and formats you can try. Taking good notes while reading is an important part of academic success in college. Most courses require significant reading, and it can be difficult to understand and master the material and do well in class without solid note taking and reading skills. Good notes can take different forms and may vary from person to person—or even from text to text.
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How to Take Notes While Reading

Notes extend your memories. Notes you keep, therefore, act to expand your memory. Notes enhance your focus. Even better, notes can facilitate deeper processing of the material, which has been shown to improve memory than when you pay attention only to the superficial details. Taking notes while listening is generally easier because, while listening, your hands and eyes are free to jot down notes. On the other hand, switching away to take notes while reading inevitably interrupts the reading flow.

Why Taking Notes While Reading is Harder

And taking notes while reading can supercharge all of these things if you do it right. So we never really learn a system for taking notes that we can use as adults. The first step to taking notes is to figure out why you are taking notes. Learning something new as an adult is a function of consuming information what you read and how you read , the information you retain, and your ability to put what you learned into practice recognize patterns. For this, I use a simple three-step note-taking process that scales up to books a year. Like almost everything in life, there is no magical answer that fits everyone.


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