How to get a comic book graded

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how to get a comic book graded

Comic Book Grading

The most difficult, contentious and eternally frustrating aspect of comic collecting is grading. For collector and dealer alike, it is essential to grade the condition of a comic fairly and accurately in order to determine its true value and worth. Collectors in today's market seem to be more discerning and more knowledgeable, so accuracy on the higher mid grades and high grades becomes more important. As grading is very much a subjective exercise, it is all too easy for the novice and indeed experienced collector to allow wishful thinking and optimism to influence the appearance of a comic and make it better than it really is. It is always worth re-evaluating your own grading criteria from time to time in order to become the more expert. Accurate and consistent grading only comes with experience. A useful exercise for any collector is to lay out one example of each of the main grades side by side for a direct comparison.
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Introduction to CGC Grading for New Comic Book Collectors


Below are the Comics Etc grading standards used when grading the comic books that are listed on our site. We are confident that our grading system best serves the needs of the comic book readers and collectors who rely on us to determine the most appropriate values and prices of our comic books. Rarely comic books are returned to us due to grading problems, but should you receive a comic book that you believe is not properly graded, please contact us and report the problem. We will gladly work out a solution that meets your needs and concerns. Please note that unauthorized returns are returned at the sender's own expense. Mint MT 9. Only the subtlest bindery or printing defects are allowed.

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Grading Standards

The CPG team has put together our grading standards based upon market standards in the hobby as well as included extensive research into CGC grading. The primary reason to grade a comic is that there is a direct correlation between the condition of the comic and the value of the book. The higher the grade of a comic book the higher the value.

The term "grading" refers to finding the condition that a comic book is in. When you go to buy a car, an antique, house, or other purchases, you want to know what kind of shape it is in. The grade of a comic book is very similar to a report card grade. The higher the grade, the better the condition the comic book is in. Grading is extremely important when collecting comic books. It is the first step for many of processes that a collector will go through, from finding the value of a comic book, to selling a comic book.

The market value of comic books is partly determined by a grading process. This grading process details the exact condition and completeness of a comic, allowing the seller to get an idea of how much it is worth. While there is a certain amount of subjectivity to this process, a reasonably accurate grade can be assigned by a careful amateur. To grade a comic book, start by examining the cover through a magnifying glass for things like folds or fingerprints. Then, check the spine for small tears or folds, or spine break, which is a tear near the staples. Once you've finished checking the cover, count the pages of the comic to make sure none are missing. Give the comic a "mint" grade if it's flawless," or "fine" if it has been read but well-preserved.


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