How to sell a million copies of your book

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how to sell a million copies of your book

“I want to sell a million copies of my book"

In this article best selling author Jerry Gillies reveals his own personal secrets on how to write a best selling book. Special Note: If you aspire to being a best selling author or even just to publish one book — then you will want to learn from some of the worlds best writers in this Writing MasterClass — including Malcolm Gladwell. I was barely getting by after quitting my job as a broadcast journalist in New York and moving to Miami. Then, Moneylove came out and hundreds of thousands of dollars started pouring in. This is not a unique or unusual story. Many writers have seen their fortunes dramatically improve following their first bestselling book. In fact, there are few single events in life that can produce the results in cash, widespread recognition, and building a legacy than having a book hit the NY Times bestseller list.
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How to Actually Sell Books

Should You Write a Book? Why You Shouldn’t Even If You Can

Want to make a million dollars selling books as fast as humanly possible? Follow the path of Jennifer L. Armentrout , who has done it just about as quickly as anyone could. Here's her story. In , Armentrout decided she wanted to fulfill a lifelong ambition and started writing books.

Test #1: Will People Talk About Your Book?

Scribner is targeting history buffs with book-giveaway promotions on bio. To reach news junkies, the publisher bought ad time on 11 p. The Dallas museum is preparing to host 1, people. One of the best-selling authors of all time spent over a hundred thousand dollars on marketing with his publisher and even with eBook sales included, did not reach a million copies. How many people have to love and recommend your book before it takes on a life of its own? The stories of books that grow from nothing and become huge successes have enormous numbers behind them. Numbers of hours, numbers of dollars, numbers of supporters….


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