How wwe should book wrestlemania 33

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how wwe should book wrestlemania 33

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The next few months will shape the run up to what is seen as the most important card of the year in WWE. WWE may be in something of a lull right now, but things really need to ramp up in the period between now and WrestleMania. We currently have one of the most talented rosters in the entire history of WWE, with a host of men and women at the peak of their careers. This should be the time when we are getting hyped up for some of the hottest matches, angles, and appearances, but it feels like WWE may just do enough to scrape by heading to the show of shows. Since the WWE Draft split the roster in two maybe not in two, but divided them at the very least , WWE seems to be in even more of a creative hole than they have been for a while. What was meant to make the product more exciting, has at times made it even more predictable.
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How WWE should book Wrestlemania 33

5 Ways to Book the Road to WWE WrestleMania 33

WWE WrestleMania 33 captivated audiences and left them buzzing about the matches, moments and Superstars who defined the broadcast. A seven-hour event Sunday night in Orlando, Florida, WrestleMania gave fans plenty to gripe about, too. From questionable decisions involving the female talent of WWE to the most mind-numbingly ridiculous outcome imaginable in the night's premier Kickoff Show match, they were decisions that could adversely affect many of the Superstars directly involved. It is one thing to select a charismatic young star like Mojo Rawley to win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal because management believes in him as a face of the company's bright future. It is another thing entirely to book him to win a match strictly because the company values the mainstream media attention it will garner from the presence of his best friend, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. That is detrimental to logic and goes against the long-term success of WWE.

WrestleZone Forums. Book Wrestlemania 33 Your Way!!! That N Word Actively evolving. Joined: Jun 8, Messages: Likes Received: I know it's early to book the card.

With almost a decade and a half of history between them, I believe they should have the ultimate standoff at the showcase of the immortals, Wrestlemania. With enough effort and consideration, Zayn and Owens could headline WrestleMania with enough heat to create the perfect storm, and this is how I would book it. Kevin Owens ambushed Sami Zayn in the recent Raw episode, leaving him unable to be in the main event to have the chance to be the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Kevin Owens- Falls Count Anywhere. The two go for 25 minutes, including chair shots, kendo shots, hard hits and wondering in to the crowd to continue their battle. Sami looks to do a Swanton Bomb on to Owens on to the chair, Owens makes it to his feet, picks up Sami and powerbombs him on to the chair. Owens picks up the first win.

Wrestlemania is finally upon us. The annual extravaganza is and has been for decades the single biggest night in professional wrestling.
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Forgot your password?, Thirteen matches were contested at the event, including three on the pre-show.

Let me start by saying that I see a tremendous upside in Carmella. She has not reached it yet, but I think she will be a great worker in the coming years. I see her being someone that can be relied on to put on a good match, like Natalya somewhat is right now. So for one PPV, she gets a free pass. Now that the women are more spread out with 2 on each show, Becky has been overshadowed a bit with two of the other 3 being multi-time champions. Now it is time for Becky winning the title again.

The build-up to WrestleMania 33 has been lukewarm in some ways, with most of the main feuds not being built up properly until only a month or so ago. Only two matches have been built up properly for more than four months, and one of them is likely to end in a debacle given the age and physical limitations of one of the participants. Brock Lesnar vs. I mean, how can we take this feud seriously, when Goldberg, a year-old man, beats both Lesnar and Kevin Owens in less than two minutes? How can anyone believe Lesnar can win when Goldberg thrashes him with such ease? The one dream match everyone wanted to see was John Cena vs. The Undertaker.



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