Book for pregnant lady in hindi pdf

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book for pregnant lady in hindi pdf

Multiple Pregnancy - ACOG

NCBI Bookshelf. Geneva: World Health Organization; It is important to share information with women and their families about the early detection and recognition of danger signs and complications as part of birth and emergency planning. You need to discuss with them what the danger signs are and help them to think about and decide where they will go if they experience one or any of these. All pregnant women, their partners and families should be aware of the signs of complications and emergencies and know when to seek care from the skilled attendant.
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प्रेगनेंसी में यह पुस्तक पढ़ने से शिशु गुणवान अच्छे संस्कार वाला होता है

A healthy diet alone, however, may not be enough for pregnancy.

Prenatal care

A pregnancy with more than one fetus is called multiple pregnancy. If more than one egg is released during the menstrual cycle and each is fertilized by a sperm, more than one embryo may implant and grow in your uterus. This type of pregnancy results in fraternal twins or more. When a single fertilized egg splits, it results in multiple identical embryos. This type of pregnancy results in identical twins or more. Identical twins are less common than fraternal twins. The use of fertility drugs to induce ovulation often causes more than one egg to be released from the ovaries and can result in twins, triplets, or more.

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    Prenatal care , also known as antenatal care , is a type of preventive healthcare.

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