Preschool books about fall harvest

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preschool books about fall harvest

Fall Books for Little Learners - Pocket of Preschool

Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and children of all ages are sure to enjoy this list of fall books for kids. Reading fall-themed books for preschoolers aloud to children is also a great way to nurture a growing child. This booklist for kids is filled with our favorite fall books for preschoolers and children of all ages. Reading books about the fall is an easy way to help children learn about the season of autumn and all of the beautiful colors, sights, and sounds that this magical season has to offer. Check out our favorite fall books below!
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10 Books About Fall for Preschoolers

Reading books with kids never gets old. As summer comes to an end, I wanted to gather a few of my favorite fall books for preschoolers. These books are perfect to read before making a fall discovery bottle or exploring fall fine motor fun. This fun book follows three friends as they hunt leaves, in the fashion of the popular Bear Hunt song. We all know the popular rhyme about the old lady who swallowed the fly. In fall theme fashion, this lively book has her swallowing leaves! Fletcher is a young fox who is quite concerned about the falling leaves.

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Lush green trees and fields gradually change to yellow, gold, orange and red. Pumpkins, squash and corn ripen while cooler breezes blow and the days shorten. Highlighted by luminous illustrations of a beautiful moonlit autumn night, By the Light of the Harvest Moon begins as the farmers wearily carry their last loads of the day. The full moon illuminates the animals grazing nearby and the quiet farmyard. Suddenly, a breeze blows through the farm, picking up the colourful dry leaves and swirling them about. A cloud of leaves settles in the pumpkin patch. When the gusts subside, leaf people emerge from the pile.

These are my favorite fall books I read at circle to teach students all about the harvests, change of season, and events that fall brings. From a square pumpkin to a trip to the apple orchard these books are full of vibrant pictures and rhyming text which will get your students ready to enjoy everything the season has to offer. This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Wonderfall This book is about a tree and the changes it endures from the end of summer to the first snowfall of winter. The author incorporates the word fall into words throughout the book which makes this a fun and whimsy book to read.


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