How do i bookmark on my phone

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how do i bookmark on my phone

How do I bookmark the mobile website on my Android device? – RightNow Media

If you know the web address of the web page, you can manually add a bookmark. To add a bookmark:. You can also set where it is saved, as well as set where it is saved, as well as select or create a new bookmark folder. From your Bookmarks list, tap and hold a bookmark to open the Context menu and use the following options:. To open the web page in the current window, tap Open. To open the web page in a new window, tap Open in new tab.
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Android How to add bookmark on Home screen

Bookmarks are those electronic breadcrumbs you can drop as you wander the web on your Android.

Chrome™ Browser - Android™ - Add a Browser Bookmark

Explore this Article Using the Android 4. Show less As a budding Android user, there probably have been times when you wished you didn't have to type the URL of your most frequently visited websites on your favorite web browser on Android. Well, this won't be a problem anymore. Android provides a simpler process in which you can create a shortcut of the web page on your home screen. It's a feat that makes it much easier and all the while convenient for you to access your fave websites.

You can use bookmarks to save webpages you wish to visit again. You can choose to save pages to your bookmarks or you can save a link to them onto your home screen. The steps for using bookmarks will differ slightly depending on which internet browser you are using. Follow the steps that match your browser. Not quite what you were looking for? See the end of this article for a list of related content. In the below examples, we will show you how to use bookmarks for the Samsung Internet Browser included on your device, and for Chrome.

Open a bookmark

When you surf the web on the iPhone or iPod touch using the Safari browser app, it's possible to save links to websites you want to visit again later. Learn how to quickly access URLs for images, videos, web pages, and anything else that can open in the Safari browser for iPhone with bookmarks. The process for adding Safari bookmarks on the iPad is slightly different. The words "bookmarks" and "favorites" are often used interchangeably, but there is a distinction between the two folders in the Safari app on the iPhone and iPod touch. Bookmarks on iPhone or iPod touch appear in a default master folder in Safari where all bookmarked pages are stored. Anything added to this folder is accessible through the Bookmarks icon in Safari so that you can access those saved links any time. The Favorites folder functions in the same way, but it's stored within the Bookmarks folder.


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