The divine name that will endure forever watchtower booklet

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the divine name that will endure forever watchtower booklet

Does God's Name Jehovah belong in the New Testament?

Last Days Mediator for only the , , - a literal number? Paradise Earth Forever? Preaching - only Witnesses? Introduction Jehovah in the New Testament? How should YHWH be translated? The Name Jehovah's Witnesses.
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JW v. Watchtower - Episode 25 - Watchtower In Focus

DIVINE NAME THAT WILL ENDURE FOREVER, THE (Brochure). (See also Watch Tower Publications). appreciation for: g04 1/22 languages: w02 12/1

The Divine Name That Will Endure Forever

That's the name of a brochure by the WTS that tries to impress upon us why what God's name is and why we should use it. We all know that Jehovah's Witnesses use the name "Jehovah" for God in all their bibles and publications. We were always taught that Jehovah was the acceptable pronounciation of God's name. They still teach that, but since people are more enlightened today than ever, and since more people than just Hebrew scholars can carry on a discussion about the original name, the WTS has had to get creative in justifying their use of the name Jehovah instead of more accurate usages such as Yahweh. The truth is, nobody knows for sure how the name of God was originally pronounced. Why not? Well, the first language used in writing the Bible was Hebrew, and when the Hebrew language was written down, the writers wrote only consonants?

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If that statement by the Watchtower is true, it would mean that these apostate Christians did an incredible thing. Since the original Greek manuscripts were copied over and over again, thousands of times by different scribes and then sent to other cities, churches and regions, these scheming men must have traveled to and searched through every building and house in the known world, successfully seizing every single copy of the Greek manuscripts. Once we begin to doubt the preservation and accuracy of the bible, we may as well begin to distrust the whole thing. Secondly, did not Jehovah have the power to protect His own Word throughout the ages? How could Jehovah have protected the Jewish Hebrew Scriptures for thousands of years through wars, violence, destruction and enemy captivity, but He was unable to protect the Greek Scriptures for even a few hundred years after their writings? Does this sound reasonable? To suggest that Jehovah was powerless, or uncaring, about the preservation of His Word is a direct violation of His integrity and nature.

The organization's international writing, artwork, translation, and printery workforce are all baptized Jehovah's Witnesses.
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Jehovah's Witnesses abuse the divine name of my God! In order to have "Jehovah" in the New World Translation, they must claim the Bible has been altered and corrupted. Like all cults, they destroy the reliability of the manuscripts of the Bible. Here is what scholars have to say about a Hebrew original of Matthew: click here. The truth is, they have added the divine name in the New Testament where it is never found in the original Greek manuscripts, and blamed the Bible as being corrupted from the original where YHWH was once found. Rather than trashing their false doctrine, they trash the Bible!



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