How to promote a book online

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how to promote a book online

How to Promote Your Book for Free

You want a bestseller? And you can do that by thinking like a smart marketer. The time to think about promoting your book is before it comes out. Steven Pressfield, acclaimed author of The Legend of Bagger Vance among many others , also wrote a book for first-time authors looking to hit it big. The title? Michael Ellsberg learned this firsthand after trying out the old ways first:. Tim wrote up a blog post featuring Ellsberg and recommending it highly.
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Book Launch - How to promote a book

50 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Promote Your Book. July 19, How can I promote my book? If there's Promoting your book, isn't all about the launch. . Make Your Online Courses More Visible (and grow your sales) in 6 Easy Steps20 .

How to Promote Your Book for Free

Mike Clayton, the author of The Influence Agenda provides some top tips for promoting your book online. Promoting a book these days is difficult when there are so many published, so, as authors, we increasingly need to take a chunk of the marketing into our own hands. My advice is pick one or two channels and do them really well. First, I will describe my five top routes to promoting your new book, then I will give an indication of both the assets you can create to help you and the tools and technology services you can use to help you. On it I have placed some marketing material, some resources promised in the book and some additional material. Lots of news websites, special interest websites you should know which ones there are in your subject area and bloggers are on the look out for new books to review, authors to interview or good quality articles they can post.

Congratulations on publishing your new book!

Do you have dreams of becoming a best-selling author, but feel like you know way too little about promoting a book? We get that it is not an easy task to form a promotion plan; in fact, it can be as much work as writing a book! Scoring a TV spot is an absolute dream come true, think of all the free promotion! But as you can imagine, it is not easy to land a TV interview because many others are competing for the same thing. This is a crucial element for a TV interview. Try to hook them in the first ten sentences. If the TV program leans towards entertainment, share a funny story to show that you will be fun to interview.


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    Five Top Ways to Promote Your Book Online

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