What is a novelty cake

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what is a novelty cake

Novelty Cake: Special Cakes for Celebrations

Her cakes are pure fun, but decorator Shawna McGreevy's skills are no joke. Preview her class and browse candy-inspired student creations below. Shawna McGreevy grew up loving art but never believed she could support herself as an artist. After Shawna became a mom, she decided to make birthday cakes for her kids, just for fun. As it turns out, "fun" was an understatement. Today, Shawna is channeling her inner artist once again as the owner of McGreevy Cakes. Dive in to fondant, airbrushing and topper skills that will take the cake.
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Oct 9, Sculpted, carved, and other fun novelty cakes. See more ideas about Anniversary cakes, Backen and Beautiful cakes.

Novelty / Kids cakes

When you purchase a digital subscription to Cake Central Magazine, you will get an instant and automatic download of the most recent issue. What do you class a Novelty Cake as? I have just moved to a new town and went to the local show. In the senior class that is for people with more than 8 years decorating a Novelty Cake that won 1st Place was a cake designed as boot with molded mice flowers etc, and place was a square cake in blue fondant with royal icing hearts on the top. The same in the secondary sudents section but this time 1st was a round cake with cut out flat flower shapes. Like the one in Debbie Brown's Easy party cakes.

Oct 5, I love to make cakes that look like real life objects! You can watch me in action on heavenlybells.org
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Making novelty cakes is a little different from baking standard cakes. The former need a level of creativity and skill which is much above that of baking regular cakes. Novelty cakes are meant to be the show stoppers at the food table and an ice-breaker at a party too. Someone who aspires to make novelty cakes should know that it is not difficult as long as you are patient and you practice. You will also have to develop certain skills to get it right. Here are 6 tips that to making novelty cakes at home:. Ensure that you bake very good biscuit layers.

Then a novelty cake could be the answer. Novelty cakes are basically just edible cakes that are designed based on a theme for a specific occasion. They can literally be anything creative and everything yummy, which makes it so much fun! Everyone knows cakes are pretty much the main event of a celebration anyway. So why not make it something to remember by providing a novelty cake that will really steal the show and leave a lasting impression.

Novelty cakes are one of the most important categories in our list of eggless cakes. Quite often, kids come to us with a special demand to make cakes dedicated to their loved ones or might be for a special purpose. We do listen to their desires and make something very close to those. In fact, novelty cakes are the trend of the time, and we at Cake Break are specializing in this segment. More Items 1 to 12 of 70 total. View as:. You may have a special desire or any other special occasion in mind for which you come to us.


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    Baking Novelty cakes requires a certain level of creativity and skill. Take a look at 6 helpful tips to making the perfect novelty cake at home.

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    6 Tips to Making Novelty Cakes at Home

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