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stone cold steve austin booker t

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Booker T engage in a supermarket brawl | WWE

Steve Austin born Steven James Anderson on December 18, , later Steven James Williams , [4] better known by the ring name Stone Cold Steve Austin , is an American former professional wrestler , actor, producer, and television host. Rebranded as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin the following year, he gained significant mainstream popularity as a brazen, vulgar, beer-drinking antihero who routinely defied the establishment and his boss, company chairman Vince McMahon. He also introduced the long-standing "What? He was also the winner of the King of the Ring tournament as well as the , and Royal Rumbles , making him the only three-time winner of the event. He was forced to retire from in-ring competition in due to a series of knee injuries and a serious neck injury. Austin was born in Austin, Texas.
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Steve Austin And Booker T Supermarket Brawl 12-13-01

The moment a beer can opens and Booker T knows it's about to go Stone Cold Steve Austin was a guest on X-Pac's show where they.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

There is arguably no greater sight in professional wrestling to excite a crown than that of a wild brawl. Since the introduction of the PG Era in the WWE, it appears that big all-in brawls or two stars in a feud brawling across an arena has been thrown out in favor of the heel hiding behind security or sprinting out of the ring at the nearest sight of danger. Even in the recent episode of Raw where Kevin Nash was protected by security from CM Punk, imagine Punk fighting his way through the security to get his hands on Nash, that would have received a massive crowd reaction from those in attendance and at home. First off a more recent brawl. The Nexus storyline when it began was very intriguing and this brawl took place prior to Summerslam

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And it incensed me immediately and I knew that a return receipt must be fired now. So as soon as he hit me and I said God dang it and I hit him with a right hand. That would be a shot that I fired that I thought had to be an immediate receipt and we still laugh about that to this day. But other than that the hottest I ever got in the business of pro wrestling was when I was working the Kiel Center in St. Louis Missouri and I was working an angle. That big bastard was supposed to run out there and cause me to lose the match, so that we can get off and start working an angle together. So here comes Jerry Brisco.


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    On his segment with Austin: “Just like 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin and Booker T in a grocery store, having a fist fight. It was a disaster on paper.

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    Steve and Booker catch up on a ton of subjects including boxing, MMA, the state of the wrestling business as well as Booker T's new podcast.

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    Stone Cold Steve Austin Asked Booker T Which Is Tougher: Wrestling or MMA? | Reality of Wrestling

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