Best cold war books fiction

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best cold war books fiction

Cold War Noir: 10 Novels That Defined an Anxious Era | CrimeReads

I am a Cold War junkie. I have always loved spy movies, especially James Bond, and have loved learning, watching, reading Cold War books. It was clever and funny. In graduate school, I explored Cuban Poster Propaganda, which is astonishingly beautiful. The list below are ten Cold War books that go beyond the traditional narrative. The first five are history books that lean towards the social and cultural.
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How To Write A Thriller

8 Novels and Non-Fiction Books to Help You Understand the Cold War

I could not remember being without it even if I was about as aware of it as air itself. It was there. It was air, it was smoke—it was the smoke curling up from ashes of Berlin in The last relic of the hot war was rationing, which lasted in Britain until about as long as it took Russia to release the last German POWs , although most food items had come off by I still have my ration book. It was scripted by Harold Pinter. We went via Prague.

The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, John le Carré

Make Your Own List. Author Jeremy Duns says Maksim Isaev was a kind of Soviet James Bond and when they rerun the old black and white TV shows the Russian crime rate drops because everyone is indoors watching them. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden. What I tried to do was forgotten Cold War thrillers. But it works. A lot of people in Russia today are convinced that this agent, Maksim Isaev, was a real guy.

Ice Station Zebra. Alistair McLean. Atomic submarine USS Dolphin must sail beneath the ice-floes of the Arctic Ocean to locate and rescue the men of weather-station Zebra, gutted by fire and drifting with the ice-pack somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. The fire at Ice Station Zebra was an act of sabotage - and one of the survivors is a killer. The search is on for a Soviet mole, implanted deep into British Intelligence decades ago by Moscow Centre, in this classic espionage novel.

This novel written during the time of the Cold War and published in centers on British agent Alec Leamas, who is ordered to fake defection from West Germany. He fakes an arrest and with the help of his communist girlfriend gets recruited to the East side. As his cover is suddenly revealed, so is the true objective of his mission. The novel has been granted a number of writing awards and was adapted into a movie. The Cold War is revisited twenty years after its ending, with the use of new archives and memories of its contemporaries. Gaddis objectively analyses the events of the war as well as the reasons for such a turn of events. The main stages of the war are broken down for a reader that may have little or no knowledge on the subject.


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    The 10 best Cold War novels a cynical power that sounded a new note in spy fiction and was never quite recaptured in le Carré's later books.

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