Best book on calculus of variations

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best book on calculus of variations

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Calculus of Variations with Applications is a comprehensive book for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The book is especially useful to students studying boundary value problems, such as those which appear in structural mechanics, heat transfer and fluid mechanics. The book discusses Variationals and their applications in problems of Fixed or Moving Boundaries. It approaches the subject with novices in mind, allowing them to grasp even advanced concepts in minimal time. It is sure to give students a holistic view on the subject and will allow them to learn through application.
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Introduction to Calculus of Variations

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Accurate and complete, this classic volume surveys a century of progress in the calculus of variations. In addition to introductions to a variety of treatises and memoirs, the author provides numerous remarks, criticisms, and corrections that clarify important developments in mathematical history. Beginning with a brief account of works by Lagrange and Lacroix, the text proceeds to examinations of treatises by Dirksen and Ohm, a remarkable memoir by Gauss featuring the earliest discussion of a problem involving the variation of a double integral with variable limits of integration, and a memoir by Poisson on the calculus of variations that exhibits the variation of a double integral within variable limits of integration. Poisson's memoir inspired a work by Ostrogradsky, discussed here, which exhibits the variation of a multiple integral within variable limits of integration. This section on the variation of multiple integrals concludes with memoirs by Delaunay, Sarrus, and Cauchy. The following chapters examine the criteria distinguishing a maximum from a minimum, including a remarkable memoir by Jacobi.


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