Best books on the apostle paul

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best books on the apostle paul

St Paul: The Misunderstood Apostle by Karen Armstrong, book review | The Independent

Master storyteller John Pollock makes Paul and his amazing story freshly alive, so that you can know the greatest apostle much as Luke and Timothy did as they traveled with him. As you turn the pages, you'll sense Paul's motives, his aims and priorities; what mattered to him; and what he wa. As you turn the pages, you'll sense Paul's motives, his aims and priorities; what mattered to him; and what he was willing to die for. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.
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Published 25.01.2019

Paul's Letters: a Quick Overview - Whiteboard Bible Study

Instead, today, I'm going to plug five great books about the life of the apostle Paul. I'm beginning a teaching series on this subject with tonight's service and it's a.

Recommended Introduction Level Books on Paul

Welcome sign in sign up. But she shows clearly that he is the most enigmatic and controversial figure in the early history of Christianity. He was a Jew from Tarsus, in what is today southeastern Turkey, and a Roman citizen. His Jewish name was Saul, but Paul his Roman one. He was later to devote himself to spreading the message of Jesus, whose followers had accepted him as the Christ the anointed , which was the Greek equivalent of Messiah. But Paul had never met Jesus or even heard him preach. Only once did he hear his voice, and that was during a miraculous revelation on the road to Damascus, when Jesus addressed him after the Crucifixion.

See a Problem?

Clearly the years have not dimmed her enthusiasm for this grumpiest of Christian saints and her concise book deals smartly with the familiar criticisms. There are plenty of those. Paul has had a bad rap for centuries. Mainly because Martin Luther justified his assault on Catholic doctrine by trawling through Paul's letters, the world's biggest Christian Church has not been much of a fan for the last years. More recently, liberal Protestants have gone off Paul, too, for quite different reasons.

Human history contains few lives more interesting, more unusual, more significant, than that of the Apostle Paul. The words he wrote transformed the ancient world and, when rediscovered at the time of the Reformation, shaped the modern world as well. It is impossible to construct an accurate picture of the world today without considering Paul and the letters he wrote so many years ago—letters that became the core of our New Testament. I was recently considering my love of biographies and thinking about some of the characters I have encountered in them. It occurred to me that I had never read a biography of Paul and determined I should remedy that as soon as possible. He could do it in a very academic way and, while there is room for that, I was interested in something written on a popular level.

Where does one begin exploring the life of the most important person aside from Jesus in the history of the church? Aside from the New Testament itself, the place to begin is F. Paul, the Traveler and the Roman Citizen 18th ed. Gerald F. Hawthorne, Ralph P.


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    Book Review: The Life and Theology of Paul (Waters) — Knowing Scripture

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