Best baby books for 1 year old

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best baby books for 1 year old

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There are tons of benefits to reading with your baby. Aside from being a great way to spend close-up face time with your little one, reading can help baby soak up all of the words you're using, which can boost vocabulary skills later in life. In , the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP published a study on the benefits of reading to your little one from a young age even when they might not be able to actually understand what you're saying. They found that the more time parents spent reading and discussing age-appropriate books with their kids, the more prepared their little ones were to start reading once they got to kindergarten. A few years ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP began recommending that parents integrate storytime with their babies at infancy.
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What are the best books for 1-year-olds, anyway?

Best baby books for the first year: The only 25 board books you need

Reading is one of the best things you can do with children if you want them to have a great start in life and grow up with active minds, boundless imaginations and large vocabularies. Many studies show that students who love learning and do well in school are exposed to reading before preschool. It builds their attention span, listening skills, thinking skills such as cause and effect and their understanding of colors, shapes, numbers, letters, people, relationships and situations. It also sets a foundation for later in life as reading problems can be hard to fix the longer you leave them. You can even begin when your child is in the womb! Reading is a wonderful relationship builder as it strengthens your bond with your child, calms them and promotes good communication between the two of you.

Little readers like books with moving parts, flaps to lift, bright colors, and things to touch. I love giving kids a book or several that will become a cherished part of their childhood. I bought this set of books for my daughter's first birthday. She loved them! The soft colors and simple stories are comforting and sweet.

Encourage your 1 year old to dive into the world of books!
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Reading to your little one—even from a very young age—stimulates brain development and strengthens the parent-child bond. Reading helps babies develop language skills and make sense of the world around them. Fostering a love for books is a gift your children will treasure for the rest of their lives. We'll never get tired of this ultimate classic of children's literature, beloved by generations for its quiet prose and simple beauty. For you are my little bunny.




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    It's important to start reading to your child early. But what are the best baby books to buy? See our 10 top books for 1-year-old boys and girls.

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    10 Best Baby Books For 1-Year-Old Boys & Girls | The Tot

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