Best books for sports fans

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best books for sports fans

The 50 best sports books ever written - Telegraph

The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat. The playing field has long been a vehicle for writers to explore the human experience. From lyrical odes to the glory of the game to explorations of how athletics have intersected with history to insights that have changed sports forever, here are the 20 greatest sports books ever written. With its unblinking look at the side of locker room culture most of us will never see up close, it was critically lauded at the time and has become a non-fiction classic—even though it cost him friends on the diamond.
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Favorite Sports Romances

Playing sports — almost as fun as reading about them. Best enjoyed with: The Gatorade that rolls off the face of your teammate after the clock runs out, and you find yourself in a clutch A must-read for any fan of basketball.

Books for Sports Fans

Summer reading is here! Keep reading for some sports-related book recommendations and check back in next time to read about our favorite sports films. The high-stakes of athleticism serves as a great foundation for compelling fictional and nonfictional stories. These stories can even come from the unlikeliest of sources. For example, I was surprised to see that John Grisham—usually known as a master of legal thrillers—has a repertoire of sports novels, including Bleachers football , Calico Joe baseball , and Playing for Pizza football.

Sean Tirman. Category: Entertainment. Everybody loves a good sports story. It probably says a lot that sports are ubiquitous across all forms of media. The raw unadulterated details of all the things not shown on screen can still be found in books. Which means there is a multitude of really excellent published works on everything from golf, to boxing, to the Olympics, and so much more.

A decent junior player himself, Foster Wallace writes about the sport with the insight of a seasoned athlete and the fervor of a dedicated fan, bringing his literary talent to the game he loved so dearly. Foster Wallace devotees and tennis fanatics alike will appreciate this beautiful collection. Major League pitcher Jim Bouton chronicles the season, which he spent with the short-lived Seattle Pilots and then the Houston Astros, in this game-changing diary. Crossing lines no one had previously dared to, Bouton shares stories from inside the locker room, revealing the petty jealousies, raucous carousing, and routine drug use that were part of life as a ball player. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn even tried to get Bouton to declare the book untrue! While some of the revelations may seem tame today, this funny, insightful, beautifully-observed book stands the test of time.

12 Books for Sports Fanatics. Karl Taro Greenfeld Why had nobody heard of the best soccer player of her generation? She was the female.
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Paper Lion by George Plimpton (1966)

There are many books out there that can decode the intricacies of sports, creating enlightening profiles of athletes and coaches, or turning the complex strategies of gameplay into something riveting on the page. We bring you ten books for sports fans: game on. Marcellus Wiley brings a fascinating perspective to his examination of football: his background includes extensive study of sociology at Columbia University coupled with a decade of playing football in the NFL. This disparate set of experiences gives him a unique perspective on the current state of the game, which he explores in Never Shut Up. In this oral history of the sport, Jackie MacMullan, Rafe Bartholomew, and Dan Klores explore all facets of it, from larger-than-life personalities to how the sport has reflected social change over the years. Michael Lombardi has had a storied career in football, having worked for a host of championship teams most recently the New England Patriots and earning acclaim for his knowledge from figures inside and outside the league. In his new book, he focuses on five NFL quarterbacks, exploring what their experiences can teach the reader about the nature of the sport and its effect on those who play it.


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