Best book to learn scala

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best book to learn scala

5 Books to Learn Scala and Functional Programming - Best of Lot

Scala is one of the most popular modern languages for programmers to pick up. It offers OOP and functional programming and has tons of free open source frameworks. But learning Scala from scratch can seem impossible without learning resources. Topics range from simple beginner books to more advanced programming patterns and frameworks like Play. Complete newbies may feel overwhelmed with this book not knowing where to start. The exercises are practical and the authors hold your hand along the way to make sure you never get lost.
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Scala Tutorial

20 Best Scala Books To Go From Beginner To Expert

Scala is now the language of Big Data and has been the most popular language that is supposed to be the only one that could replace Java. It has several new features along with Java features that make it so popular currently to start learning for. To start learning Scala, in this scala tutorial we will list the best books on Scala that would help you to learn Scala from basics to advanced level. Some of these are best Scala books for beginners and some would help you in learning advanced Scala programs to become Scala expert. This book is like Scala wiki contains each and every concepts of scala programming.

Post a Comment. Scala is one of the relatively new programming languages which encompasses best practices of many programming languages. The biggest strength of Scala is that it provides a nice blend of object-oriented programming and Functional programming. So, you can not only construct elegant class hierarchies for maximum code reuse and extensibility, you can also implement their behavior using higher-order functions. It has a concise syntax with less ceremony which also makes it ideal for scripting but doesn't underestimate its power.

Scala for the Impatient

Scala offers clean syntax, first-class functions, pattern matching, integrated data structures, efficient and integrated legacy REPL eval-loop reading print. In addition to all these features, Scala runs on the JVM and can use existing Java libraries for all the main functions. Programmers can use all standard Java Scala libraries.




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    7 Best New Scala Books To Read In - BookAuthority

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    Scala Exercises is a series of lessons and exercises created by 47 Degrees.

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