Best books for stephen king fans

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best books for stephen king fans

You Need to Read These Top 10 Stephen King Books

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Published 22.01.2019

My Life as a Stephen King Fan: Part 1 - Collecting

Mar 02, AM. Hi guys, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on what you think the three best books by Stephen King are? Do you think they got it right?

You Need to Read These Top 10 Stephen King Books

Simple as that. Someone who reads this much must have a few reading recommendations floating around, and thankfully, the King of Horror is exceptionally generous with his book suggestions. Balram learns how to siphon gas, deal with corrupt mechanics, and refill and resell Johnnie Walker Black Label bottles all but one. He also finds a way out of the Coop that no one else inside it can perceive. But when Jeo decides to sneak across the border into Afghanistan—not to fight with the Taliban against the Americans, rather to help care for wounded civilians—Mikal determines to go with him, to protect him. As the narrative takes us from the wilds of Afghanistan to the heart of the family left behind, we see all of these lives upended by the turmoil of war. In search of answers, Snowman embarks on a journey—with the help of the green-eyed Children of Crake—through the lush wilderness that was so recently a great city, until powerful corporations took mankind on an uncontrolled genetic engineering ride.

Stephen King's It: Chapter Two is now hitting theaters, so it's no surprise that Hollywood is dishing out King-inspired media faster than ever before. Mercedes and The Mist , Stephen King's stories have never been more popular among thrill-seekers. Newcomers to King's prolific works often find it tough to decide which book to start with. While it's nearly impossible to narrow down King's exhaustive body of work to just 10 novels and everyone has their own favorites , we've provided a list of what we consider his greatest hits. Let's start with the honorable mentions: Needful Things , Thinner , and Pet Sematary were narrowly squeezed out but are worth exploring if you find yourself looking for more.

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Add to Bag. Stephen King is one of the most famous writers in the world, an artist who has been so successful—commercially, artistically, pop culturally—for so many years, he has become a genre unto himself. Lauren Beukes Like King, Beukes understands that one of the most terrifying things is the unpredictability of violence. Anyone who has been in a tense situation and just kept their heads down, hoping not to be noticed, understands that power. Victor LaValle LaValle understands something that King does, too: for horror to work, for any story to work, there have to be stakes. For LaValle, like King, that means letting people die.

When you're talking about contemporary horror fiction, there's one name that always comes up: Stephen King. If you're a horror fan looking to explore other, great writers of the macabre, I've put together a list of 15 books for people who have read everything by Stephen King , so prepare to discover a new, spooky writer to follow. Stephen King's writing career began more than 40 years ago with the release of Carrie in , the success of which allowed him to quit his day job and become a full-time writer. In the decades since Carrie 's release, King has published a number of instant-classic horror novels , including 'Salem's Lot , Pet Sematary , and The Shining. The novelist has since branched out into other genres , from the Weird West stylings of The Gunslinger to the thriller End of Watch , but his work retains the signature elements of suspense that his fans love.


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    These should be on every horror fan's list.

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    If you're a horror fan looking to explore other, great writers of the a list of 15 books for people who have read everything by Stephen King.

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    50 Must-Read Books Recommended by Stephen King

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