Best books on leadership 2014

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best books on leadership 2014

Leadership & Management (list) - Best business books

Derivative works and other unauthorized copying or use of stills, video footage, text or graphics is expressly prohibited. We must be creative and innovative in our organizations but perhaps more importantly, in working on ourselves. The context we lead in requires nothing short of radical personal development. All of the following titles cover an aspect of this need. An environment of rapid change demands more and better questions from us. It means we step out of our comfort zones and take strategic and intentional steps even before the path comes into full view. Respond to a random world with an intentional life.
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Top 7 Leadership Books for Army Leaders

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7 of the Best Leadership Books Ever

It's World Book Day, and we asked our audience for their best reads on policy, leadership and working in public services. Here's what they came up with:. This self-help guide to increasing your popularity through flattery and respect for others was first published in and based on a series of lectures by Carnegie, a famous public speaker. This "granddaddy of all management handbooks" spawned an industry of self-help material, including How to win friends and influence people in the digital age. The authors spoke to hundreds of leaders — from chief executives of multinational corporations to teachers and nurses — about what it takes to be a good leader. Rick Harmes ricklph , a researcher in localism and politics, recommends this book because it "treats leadership from the perspective of followers". It attempts to break down the stereotypes surrounding leadership, arguing that effective leaders range from "extroverted to nearly reclusive, from easygoing to controlling, from generous to parsimonious".

I do have some favorites. To be clear, these are books that have been uniquely useful to me in my leadership journey. The timeless principles captured in his work have helped me successfully navigate the stormy seas of organization transformation as President of the Nabisco Foods Company, CEO of Campbell Soup Company, and today as Chairman of Avon Products. I highly recommend them. A very provocative read that challenges many of the leadership paradigms of the 20th century. The primary goal of this book is to examine how we can make life less arduous and more delightful.

How are digital technologies — from hardware and software to networks and data sets — fueling exponential growth and profound social and economic change? Stewart D. Wharton professor Friedman, building on his excellent study, Total Leadership , moves beyond familiar calls to balance competing work and life commitments toward taking steps to integrate passions and values across the domains of work, home, community, and the private self. Linda A. Harvard Business School professor Hill and her co-authors focus on the twin imperatives of creating the willingness and the ability to do the hard work of innovation over time. LinkedIn Chairman and co-founder Reid Hoffman, Ben Cosnacha and Chris Yeh, argue that talent development and management need to be reconsidered and recast across businesses of all sizes and ages and in all industries and sectors.

By David Slocum Each of the top 10 books of the past year offers fresh ideas, actionable insights, and imaginative solutions to a range of.
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The Best Leadership Books of 2014

Leadership is not about who you know, or why you know it, or how much you are paid to lead. It's often about what you know and how you apply that knowledge. As I recall, they were not looking for those who had made it as measured by dollars earned, but those who are most successful all around in achieving their goals and dreams. After eliminating many different factors, they landed on resilience as the one defining skill and behavior that allowed some to stand out from the rest. After all, it wasn't that none of us face that adversity--we all did. But some were able to pick themselves up and brush themselves off and move on, while others were not. Good communicators address both the what and how aspects of messaging so they don't fall prey to becoming the smooth talker who leaves people with the impression of form over substance.



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