Best book for critical reasoning cat

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best book for critical reasoning cat

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In case you are not finding much success in this pursuit, then just keep in mind that you are not the only one to struggle with this aspect of preparation. In fact, finding verbal ability books for cat preparation is quite a challenge for a simple reason: there are no quality sources available! In fact, with most books, you will realise that your expectations have been belied and the books simply did not live up to the level you expect them to. Well, there are some quality resources and books that you can use for your CAT Verbal Ability preparation. Remember, your search for verbal ability books for CAT ends with using a combination of resources for the different sections of the exam:. Instead, you should do the following:.
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Critical Reasoning & Verbal Reasoning

Have a look at some examples below. If you would like to take these questions as a Quiz, head on here to take these questions in a test format, absolutely free.

CAT Verbal Ability Books

If you are looking for a list of books, then you have come to the right place. We will look at different books for CAT which students should refer to in order to perk up their study. Quantitative Aptitude is one section for which the coaching institutes have developed the most comprehensive preparation material. There are loads of books in the market which can be bought by students in this section. However, the most recommended ones are given below.

These questions can also be asked from RC passages. Critical reasoning means making clear, reasoned conclusion based on given facts and underlying assumptions. A typical critical reasoning question that comes in most of the competitive exams consists of a paragraph containing a few facts, and a few unstated assumptions leading to one definite conclusion. The most important requirement to solve critical reasoning questions in CAT or any other MBA level exam is that after reading the question paragraph you should be able to figure out the following:. Let's discuss the strategy to approach a critical reasoning question with the help of an example. Ten thousand times as many people, who can afford both, buy a diamond as a yacht.

With so many CAT preparation books flooding the market, it is not only difficult but also confusing to choose the best and most relevant preparation books for CAT exam. If you wish to find out the best books for CAT preparation, you will have to pick out most relevant and updated books for CAT preparation out of more than 50 books available in the market. You need the CAT preparation books that are as per the current CAT pattern, syllabus and are comprehensive and contain all the key topics section wise with the anticipated solved question types. However, choosing the best books for CAT carefully during your preparation journey is very important. Accordingly, while choosing the best books for CAT, it should be kept in mind that books which are conversant with the changed exam pattern and difficulty level are the best books for CAT preparation. Some of the best books for CAT recommended by Toppers are:. Book author, publisher, latest edition and book MRP is mentioned.


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