Best books on the middle east 2017

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best books on the middle east 2017

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The Middle Eastern conflicts are protracted, complex and interwoven. For a newcomer on any topic, the names, cities, countries and histories of the peoples and regions can be mind-boggling at first. Somedays I still find myself mulling over how much I still have to learn and how much I still do not know about the Middle East and the particular frustrations of remembering names, the innumerable characters and diverse ideologies driving the region. When Islamic State established a caliphate in , I began to shift my interests and writing from Africa to the Middle East. The pieces at first, were embarrassingly simple, black and white and did not understand many of the subtleties and nuances of the geo-politics and cultural factors shaping the battlefields. However with time, I became hooked on the multi-generational conflict for the Greater Middle East.
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Pushpinder Khaneka: Our literary tour of Iran includes a clandestine autobiography under recent regimes, sharp satire and a history of revolution. Sam Jordison: How far the novel expresses Camus' own view of his birth country has been much on readers' minds. Robert McCrum: It was a travesty, but the fuss surrounding the fictional lesbian blogger has at least highlighted human rights issues in Syria. Top 10s Top 10 books based in Tangier. Published: 28 Mar Ahmed Naji on his wait to hear if Egyptian court will clear him to write again. Jailed for offending public morals, the novelist was freed last year — but will only receive a final verdict on Sunday.

The Arch and the Butterfly, Mohammed Achari

The Gap between the West & The Middle East- " Literature"

Written by acclaimed Iraqi author Inaam Kachachi, The American Granddaughter eloquently depicts the widespread devastation, both physical and emotional, of the recent Iraq war through the eyes of Zeina, an Iraqi-American who returns to her homeland as an interpreter for the US army. Zeina finds herself caught up not only in the conflict, but in the tension, which builds between her loyalty to her family and to her work, and her self-identity as both Iraqi and American. Through Zeina, Kachachi creates an unforgettable portrayal of the trauma and loss caused by war. Set in the 5th century AD, in a pre-Islamic Egypt and Syria, Azazeel is a tale of extraordinary magical realism, depicting the tensions between the new Christian religion and the time-honoured pagan beliefs. Daring, horrifying and deeply challenging, Frankenstein in Baghdad exposes the violence, desperation and helplessness of the Iraq war in a provocative new light.


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    Countless western researchers and journalists have taken this region under their wings, dedicating their lives to report on events and wars taking place.

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