Best book for scala programming

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best book for scala programming

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Post a Comment. Scala is one of the relatively new programming languages which encompasses best practices of many programming languages. The biggest strength of Scala is that it provides a nice blend of object-oriented programming and Functional programming. So, you can not only construct elegant class hierarchies for maximum code reuse and extensibility, you can also implement their behavior using higher-order functions. It has a concise syntax with less ceremony which also makes it ideal for scripting but doesn't underestimate its power.
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Functional Programming in Scala

Scala is now the language of Big Data and has been the most popular language that is supposed to be the only one that could replace Java. It has several new features along with Java features that make it so popular currently to start learning for. To start learning Scala, in this scala tutorial we will list the best books on Scala that would help you to learn Scala from basics to advanced level.

10 Best Scala Books For Beginner To Become Expert

Scala Exercises is a series of lessons and exercises created by 47 Degrees. There are a few interactive resources for trying out Scala, to get a look and feel of the language:. There are a handful of websites where you can interactively run Scala code in your browser! Have a look at scala-js-fiddle , Scala Kata , and Scastie for more. Independent Courseware , online self-study or instructor-led Scala and Play courses for a fee. First edition available for free online reading. The book provides both an authoritative reference for Scala and a systematic tutorial covering all the features in the language.

This book is like Scala wiki contains each and every concepts of scala programming. 10 Best Scala Books For Beginner To Become Expert.
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1. Objective of Best Scala Books

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It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them! I have no doubt in my mind that Scala is extremely well-positioned to serve as a bridge between the object-orientation of Java and the functional programming languages. It has been said about Scala—and very correctly so—that it has a very large surface area. The surface area of a language is the number of keywords and independent language constructs that the working developer must master to be productive in the language. One thing I really appreciated was how the author introduces each chapter with an engaging prelude; with the captivating motivational material to grab you up-front, the ensuing narratives in the chapters each flow smoothly, and the chapter-to-chapter transition is pleasing and smooth as well. Another quality of this book that I appreciated a lot are the copious footnotes, containing pointers to useful references for the reader to explore The quality of these references is especially high, much more so than I typically find in other books—Kudos to the author for painstakingly researching and then culling the research to share only the very best references.

Scala is one of the most popular modern languages for programmers to pick up. It offers OOP and functional programming and has tons of free open source frameworks. But learning Scala from scratch can seem impossible without learning resources. Topics range from simple beginner books to more advanced programming patterns and frameworks like Play. Complete newbies may feel overwhelmed with this book not knowing where to start.


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    That's why I've curated a huge list of the absolute best Scala books you can get. Topics range from simple beginner books to more advanced programming.

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