Best surgery book for step 2 ck

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best surgery book for step 2 ck

How to Score a on the USMLE Step 2 CK in 5 Easy Steps

I was happy with my Step 1 score, but planned to take Step 2 CK well before applying for IM residency, and to ultimately pursue a highly competitive sub-specialty, gastroenterology. I knew I had to make my Step 2 CK score count. Four weeks after my test day, I received my results, and I was shocked. I scored a While many with high scores will say that the key to their success was sheer time and effort, I took a more strategic approach, which I believe allowed for my success on test day. Make Every Clinical Rotation Count.
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How to Study for USMLE Step 2 CK

Student-to-Student: Best Study Resources for USMLE Step 2 CK

How much does a bad Step 2 CK study plan hold you back? Most of us never find out. We are too busy burying ourselves in textbooks and QBanks until exhaustion. The upshot? A better Step 2 CK study plan led to incredible results. Before Yousmle, my approach was mediocre.

This edition contains twenty simulated USMLE tests, totaling 1, clinical vignette-based questions, followed by answers and explanations--twelve of these tests are in the book and eight are available online. All vignettes, questions, incorrect answers distracters , correct answers, and explanations conform to current clinical practice and current USMLE style. Explanations for both correct and incorrect answers are included to help the student understand why s he chose an incorrect answer. This student-to-student guide thoroughly prepares you for frequently tested cases, including telephone exams, to ensure CS success. Written in a high-yield outline format, it provides broad coverage of all the major fields of medicine tested on the USMLE and end-of-rotation exams. This Step-Up Series volume is a high-yield, systems-based, outline-format review of commonly tested USMLE Step 2 material, including internal medicine subspecialties, required clerkship specialties, and important topics in medical practice. The user-friendly format, with numerous tables, illustrations, and flow charts, allows quick review of a vast body of facts.

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This article is written by Marc N. Just like step 1, a major advantage of Kaplan to UWorld is that they tell you exactly where this topic or subject is located in the most popular review books. - The ambiguity surrounding resource selection for Step 2 CK can be frustrating. However, with Step 2 CK, it seems that no such standardization exists— each resource comes with its own set of pros and cons that may make it ideal for certain students and frustrating for others.

UWorld was not only my question bank of choice, it was also the resource that took the bulk of my study time and it paid off. I completed Uworld first by going through random 40 question blocks at a time. Timed vs. Untimed Tutor vs. Timed tutor largely depends on your learning style, but I would highly recommend random questions as this will reinforce long term retention.




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