Best touch and feel books for infants

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best touch and feel books for infants

8 Touch & Feel Books For Your Baby | Fatherly

Your kids may be too young to truly understand a story or, face it, even sit up without tipping over. The books, which let kids pull, twist, rub, and pet characters and objects, not only invite them to be a part of the story but also help them learn how to interact with the world. Here are 8 great tactile tales to experience with your kids. But this puppy-centric tale is a good first choice. Despite its length, the book has a lot of items including, yes, a puppy to touch.
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Baby Touch Books - Books Through Babies' Eyes

8 Touch And Feel Books To Entertain Babies

We call it Busy Finger. In order to keep the busy fingers away from dangerous things think: outlets, power cords, etc. At this age 12 months , these books are some of their most prized possessions. Many of the books on this list were gifts from family and friends with much more baby experience than us. As our book collection is growing, we needed to find somewhere to store them all.

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Kick-start their learning and feed their imaginations with these interactive, richly-textured books, featuring colourful animals, expressive faces, noisy vehicles and lots of opportunities to play. With a focus on sensory development, they are designed for you to read and enjoy with your child — perfect for introducing them to the magical world of books. Baby Touch: Faces: a black-and white-book.

Treat your tot to a fun sensory experience with touch-and-feel books. These interactive books put the story in their tiny little hands as they explore the different textures, colors, and shapes. Whether they are gliding their fingertips over a smooth tuft of fur or dragging their hand onto a bumpy silicone surface, your babe will be hooked from the first touch. Here are 10 to add to your tot's bookshelf. This classic book by Dorothy Kunhardt is a must-have for every child's library.


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