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some of my best friends book

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Look Inside. Jul 30, ISBN Jul 05, ISBN In a book that is part reportage, part history, part social commentary, Tanner Colby explores why the civil rights movement ultimately produced such little true integration in schools, neighborhoods, offices, and churches—the very places where social change needed to unfold. Weaving together the personal, intimate stories of everyday people—black and white—Colby reveals the strange, sordid history of what was supposed to be the end of Jim Crow, but turned out to be more of the same with no name.
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Guiding gifted readers is an ongoing challenge.

Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America

Judging from the title of the book, he has in the meantime enlarged his circle of best friends to include some black people. Nonetheless, that he needed a book project for this purpose says something about post civil rights America and definitely renders strange the story of integration. In part one we travel to Birmingham, Alabama, where Tanner Colby grew up and went to school, in order to find out how the Supreme Court decision Brown v. Board of Education , illegalizing school segregation, was implemented. In Birmingham, and many other Southern cities and states, it took almost fifteen years to enforce this decision, but even after that, and still today, integration remains a goal rather than an achievement. The reasons are manifold and do not just have to do with racism. Using several examples, Tanner Colby shows why the nullification of the Jim Crow laws—and subsequent desegregation policies, such as busing children from black neighborhoods into white schools—did not succeed in bringing about the desired outcome.

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