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Bridge , or more formally contract bridge , is a trick-taking card game of skill and chance played by four players. This article consists of lists of bridge books deemed significant by various authors and organizations. Books on bridge and its predecessor games have spanned centuries with the earliest known popular book on the subject of Whist having been published by Edmond Hoyle in [1] or The following are books on the various precursor games to modern contract bridge; the first books on contract bridge appeared in The following books provide insights into the people and culture of contract bridge and while they may contain occasional references to certain technical aspects of the game, they are generally not instructional in theme. Fictional novels with a bridge theme are listed separately.
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How to Learn the Basics of Bridge

New Books for Advanced Bridge Players

Our Guarantee Shipping Info. Also available as an E-book. For complete beginners; covers every aspect of the game, with user-friendly tips. Summarizes essentials; includes extensive glossary and chart of conventions. At a Glance is a quick reference of the material in Audrey Grant's award-winning Bridge Basics series. This easy-to-use summary works in conjunction with her books, which provide the reasoning behind these guidelines. This page booklet fits right inside your Conventions Card for easy reference.

In particular, Bird promotes aggressive competitive bidding on good suits. As an example, look at the East hand in the diagramed deal. After your partner passes and North opens one diamond, what would you call: pass, one spade, two spades, three spades or four spades? This deal occurred during the semifinal of a team event in Monte Carlo. At the first table over one diamond, East bid two spades, a weak jump overcall. Then South made a negative double, showing four hearts or perhaps five if his hand was not strong enough for a game-forcing three-heart response.

Considered by many to be the best book ever written on card play, this of the game and its champions, a beginner tutorial, sample games, rules and reference .
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Our Guarantee Shipping Info. Also available as an E-book. Can you learn from the errors of others? Here is a collection of problems, mostly very simple ones, that gave a variety of players, mostly "intermediate" but including occasional beginners and experts, some trouble. One of today's most popular and successful bridge authors offers a sequel to one of the most popular and successful bridge books of all time. All fifty-two members of the pack have stories to tell and deuces and treys are attended to with the same respect accorded aces and kings.


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