Best new history books 2014

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best new history books 2014

The best history and war books of - Telegraph

Browse more books with the Concierge. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. What would you like to read? Filter by tags Covers List. After years of living off the "giveaway pile" at the office, it takes a lot for me to buy a book.
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5 history books you'll actually like!

The Best History Books Of 2015 (A Year-End List Aggregation)

Get lost in history. Amazon recently announced its list of the best history books of , and it's filled with in-depth stories that shaped the United States, from the founding of the first west coast colony in to what really happened in Benghazi in O'Reilly examines the circumstances around his death, which many suspect wasn't an accident. Where does creativity come from? Isaacson analyzes the personalities throughout history that led the digital revolution, all the way from mathematicians in the s to modern standouts, such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. However, the ship quickly became trapped in ice, forcing the crew to abandon it two years in and continue their treacherous arctic journey on foot.

has been a great year for history books. Here, three leading historians reveal their favourites.
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Here, three leading historians reveal their favourites…. This study of the shattering accord between Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia that began the Second World War reveals that the twin tyrannies — ostensibly mortal enemies — had more in common than has been previously acknowledged. This has been a rich year for history, so choosing one book is particularly hard.

This was a time when moles were planted in Catholic seminaries and Elizabethan diplomacy created a looking-glass war in which priest was turned against priest, informant against informant. In crisp prose, Childs recreates a world of heroism and holiness in Tudor England. Gavrilo Princip set in motion an unintended chain of events that culminated in carnage such as the world had never seen. At 19, Princip was not of an age to be executed; instead, he died in captivity in Theresienstadt in , having contracted tuberculosis. The act of keeping an anti-fascist diary of this sort during the German occupation of Italy carried an automatic death penalty. By a fluke, the Germans never suspected her Turin address — the now legendary 6 Via Fabro — as a Resistance nerve centre. Her diary, a key historical document, is thrilling and unforgettable.

By Sameer Rahim. A moving and myth-confronting account of Buy The Fateful Year here. A magnificently sweeping history of seafaring that travels from Europe to Asia. An impressive history of a persecuted religious minority in England ready to die — and kill — for their faith. In just pages, Christopher Coker provides an unusually rewarding analysis of war, fiction and history. Read The Telegraph's review of Men at War.


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