Best book on chernobyl disaster

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best book on chernobyl disaster

6 Nonfiction Books About the Chernobyl Disaster | Book Riot

In "Chernobyl," starring Jared Harris and Emily Watson, the creators imagine confrontation where it was unthinkable—and, in doing so, cross the line from conjuring a fiction to creating a lie. Svetlana Alexievich, the Russian-language Belarusian writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, in , for her work with oral history, has said that the book she found easiest to report was her book about Chernobyl. For her other books, Alexievich interviewed people about their experience of the Second World War, the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. For all of these other events and periods in Russian history, there were widely adopted narratives, habits of speaking that, Alexievich found, had a way of overshadowing actual personal experience and private memory. The Soviet media disseminated very little information about the disaster. There were no books or movies or songs.
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Adam Higginbotham, "Midnight in Chernobyl"

6 Nonfiction Books About the Chernobyl Disaster

A full two days after the meltdown began in Ukraine, with winds carrying radioactive fallout into Europe, alarms went off at a nuclear power station in faraway Sweden. The result is superb, enthralling and necessarily terrifying. Higginbotham spends the first part of the book narrating a pre-disaster idyll filled with technological optimism, glowing with possibility. Nuclear power was pursued as an economic panacea and a source of prestige, with Politburo officials imposing preposterous timetables and equally preposterous cost-cutting measures. Higginbotham describes young workers who were promoted swiftly to positions of terrific responsibility. In an especially glaring example of entrenched cronyism, the Communist Party elevated an ideologically copacetic electrical engineer to the position of deputy plant director at Chernobyl: To make up for a total lack of experience with atomic energy, he took a correspondence course in nuclear physics. Even more egregious than some personnel decisions were the structural problems built into the plant itself.

Editorial Reviews. Review. " Superb, enthralling and necessarily terrifying the accident "Written with authority, this superb book reads like a classic disaster story and reveals a Soviet empire on the brink [A] vivid and exhaustive.
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Producing Power: The Pre-Chernobyl History of the Soviet Nuclear Industry

As is evident by the name, it delves deep into the nuclear disaster and brings to the fore how it affected millions of people. Craig Mazin, writer of the show, recently took to social media to share the books and movies he referred to while researching. In this compelling book, the writer argues that the infamous turbine test was not just a stray accident but a disaster in the making. It presents an engaging — albeit disturbing — picture of what happened inside the control room, and eventually how the Soviet system failed. This extremely well-researched book gives a vivid and frightening picture of what all transpired the day the disaster took place. It sheds light on how there was a struggle to avert the tragedy, and the men who sacrificed their lives. The writer, in his list, shares using this book as a reference.

Make Your Own List. MIT historian Kate Brown , who has spent years in the Chernobyl archives, picks the best books on the disaster, compares its impact with atomic bomb testing, and argues for more research into low-dose radiation exposure. Interview by Charles J. Holocaust Museum. During what was considered a routine test on April 26, , the plant operators violated a series of safety regulations, overriding them in order to carry out their test. They got to a point where they had finished their test and shut it down—they thought it just a normal shutdown. The reactor was behaving a little bit erratically, but they just pressed the scram button thinking that the control rods would descend into the reactor, snuff out the neutrons around it, shut down the chain reactions, and they could go home.


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