The best gift is a book

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the best gift is a book

The best books to give as gifts this Christmas - book gift ideas

It's hard to believe this has happened, but it's already December, and the holiday shopping season is slipping by. What will you get your book-loving beloveds? Sure, they always seem to appreciate a book, but giving a book to a reader carries certain risks. What if you pick the one author they simply loathe? What if you write a heartfelt Christmas message on the front leaf of the crisp new volume, only to watch helplessly as they unwrap the same book from someone else before yours? What if they just already own it?
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Top 5 Gifts For Readers That Are Not Books

If you've got a book lover in your life, the easiest route when gift-giving time rolls around is to buy them one of the best books of Or the best non-fiction books of

10 Reasons Books Make The Best Gifts For The Holidays (Or Any Other Time Of Year)

So many, in fact, that curating a list of the definitive best is an impossible task. Through fiction and nonfiction prose, these books look at life through a kaleidoscope of experience, tackling often difficult issues that helped define —for better or for worse or maybe a little of both. Books are one of those gifts that keeps on giving, since they offer you the chance to talk about the work and pass it on to others. To help you get started, here are 21 books published this year that would make great holiday gifts. How many discover that anger turned inward is depression? After all, women have a lot to be angry about.

With so many fancy gifts on the shelves this year, some of the simplest yet most pleasurable items can be forgotten in favour of technologically advanced gadgets and artisan gift baskets. And while receiving either of the above is still lovely, there is nothing quite like ripping off the Christmassy wrapping paper to reveal a good book : that new book smell waiting within it's crisp pages full of words waiting to tell their story. Our literary editor Sarra Manning is of this exact opinion and so has selected the books she feels will make the best gifts this Christmas , from funny animal photo books to emotive books that will keep you curled up by the fire until January rolls around. Have a flick through and enchant the book lover in your life this festive season. Sixty of the world's coolest and most influential women are the inspiration for this refreshing and fun collection of drink recipes that are sure to bring extra zest to your cocktail shaker. Free the Tipple pays tribute to a brilliant range of diverse women from the 20th century to today who have made waves in entertainment, the arts, politics, fashion, literature, sports, and science, including Frida Kahlo, Rihanna, Serena Williams, Virginia Woolf, Yoko Ono, Zaha Hadid, Marlene Dietrich, Zadie Smith, and more. Pawsome book version of the hit Instagram account, dog lovers are sure to puppreciate this collection of puppers, floofs and pooches.

Find your perfect book with the Penguin Christmas Gift Guide

Give the book-lover in your life something special to unwrap on Christmas morning with these gorgeously-illustrated tales, poetry compendiums and clothbound classics. A perfect book for anyone who loves the beauty of words, all bound up in a beautiful package. What could be more perfect for a fan of the classics than a whole book dedicated to them? These are brought to life with lively descriptions, facts, and of course beautiful cover designs, all bound up in a luxurious clothbound package. Better known as a nature writer, Robert Macfarlane turns his hand to re-wilding something a little different: the language of children. With the help of artist Jackie Morris, Macfarlane uses wordplay, poems and games alongside beautiful double-page illustrations of extraordinary flora and fauna to bring to life the natural world in all its glory. This book is elegant, exquisite and luxuriously large, proving that not all the best things come in small packages.

Anyone who read a book as a child knows the power of a good piece of literature. Whether it's a fictional adventure to imaginary lands, a biographical piece with lessons from history, or something entirely different, a book has the power to spark curiosity, introduce innovation, and open opportunity. Unfortunately, for too many kids in low-income communities, a good read is out of reach. Families lack books at home, with as many as 60 percent of low-income households not having a single book to read to their children. Schools and public libraries in low-income communities are short on resources as well, with 80 percent of education programs having no books at all for the children they serve. In those neighborhoods, there can be as few as one age-appropriate book for every children.

A book makes a fantastic gift. True or false? They are a way of sharing something that moved you, or made you laugh. They communicate This really made me think of you. Almost anyone would find use and appreciation for a blank journal. If you want to wow them, a signed copy of a book you already know they love makes for a special surprise, and one that will possibly appreciate in monetary value, not just sentimental. Having enjoyed and endured my fair share of successes and failures in the books-as-gifts department, I feel equipped to comment on common book-gifting errors, and hopefully prevent some lovely soul with the best intentions from having their gift fall flat.


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