Best books for military officers

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best books for military officers

The Military Leader Reading List - The Military Leader

Army Pfc. Jacob Paxson and Pfc. Jeremy T. They need to respond quickly to chaotic situations — often with limited information — and effectively lead and inspire others. We've picked thirteen of our favorites and offer a brief glimpse into each. To be effective, the Army must adapt to an ever-changing environment. However, change in the military can be very difficult as the change of strategy led by General Petraeus in Iraq demonstrates.
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Top 5 Books That Are Similar To The Art Of War

To help in this latter area, the Army's top officer, the Army Chief of Staff, publishes a list of books each year to help soldiers improve their "minds.

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This reading list has been constructed to support the renewal of our commitment to our Profession of Arms and the development of Joint Force The books selected capture the values and ethos of our military profession, promote innovative thinking to prepare for the operational realities of an uncertain future, and provide insights into the foundations of our service cultures. The U. The Army List is compiled for leaders. Titles are included that will provoke critical thinking about Professional soldiering and the unique role of land power; analysis and reflection on the past and the future; and a deep understanding of the Army and the future of the profession of arms in the 21 st Century. Navy Professional Reading List. The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program began as the Commandant's Reading List in , although recommended reading list have been generated for Marines since the 19th century.

James Mattis, the Marine Corps general-turned secretary of defense, is known for many things, including his prolific reading list. He sat down with Foreign Policy and listed some of the books he believes that every military leader should read. Sledge McMaster McMaster did in his doctoral dissertation. Who says dissent in uniform is a bad idea? The Future of Strategy by Colin Gray

This book is loaded with great Patton quotes and leadership principles about a variety of subjects. It's designed to teach military leaders and CEOs how to be.
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The Military Leader Reading List

Here are the most unforgettable books of , works that deserve and then command your attention., By Brig. Anthony J.

Last Christmas we asked a group of senior leaders what books they would recommend a leader has on their Christmas list. Well Christmas is now far behind us. The cold is a distant memory and most of us are looking forward to relaxing in the sun over the summer. And if you are lucky enough to be relaxing with a book in your hand, what should that book be? We have even asked an Australian anthropologist. Some of the books are about leadership, others are about war. Every book, whatever the subject, will give you an insight into the way leaders deal with stress, build teams and motivate their people.



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