Best keywords for amazon books

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best keywords for amazon books

Profitable Kindle Keyword Research - Finding The Next Best Seller On Amazon

Publishing books on Amazon is a great way to make passive income, but only if you know what I am about to share with you. Choosing a book topic and publishing it without ensuring people will buy it is akin to starting a niche website without doing any keyword research. Besides, can you imagine spending all that time writing a book and investing in a good cover, formatting and editor, only to find out later that no one wants it? Think of this like keyword research…but for Amazon instead of Google. This article is a follow-on to a previous article that shows how you can publish a book and make passive income — something I think any online marketer should consider.
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Published 18.01.2019

Choosing Keywords for your Books on Amazon

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Profitable Kindle Keyword Research – Finding The Next Best Seller On Amazon

Choosing the right Amazon Kindle keywords can help your ebook be discovered by readers, leading to more sales. In this post we'll outline how you can find and use great keywords. You want keywords that people will search for, that will sell, and that not a lot of your competition are using, so that you can rank in those keywords. We'll look at each of these requirements. Start slowly typing in words that relate to your book and see what auto suggestions Amazon gives you. These suggestions are things that people have actually searched for.

When you publish a new book, finding the best seven Amazon KDP keywords can often prove a difficult task. It is especially true for new authors. Even some seasoned self-publishing authors find it an arduous task. One of the most searched for phrases on our site is a KDP keyword tool. From this, it is clear many authors are looking for help.

Subscribe to this blog. Best selling books are more likely to happen when authors use smart Amazon keywords. When used wisely, keywords help strangers from all over the world find your books. Most authors are missing out because the whole metadata thing can be confusing. Think of it like this:. Obvious question: how to choose the best ones so the search engine at Amazon leads browsers to your book?

There are many ebooks and software programs, which can help your ebook sales through the use of Kindle keywords. One might think that there is some kind of magical secret that every self-published author should pay for to try and get ebook sales. There is no mystery or magic to adding keywords to any Amazon product to improve your search results and selling on Amazon.
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How to do Amazon keyword research for your books

Keyword Research for KDP Low Content Books 2019 - 6 Strategies

The ever-rising power of the Amazon Kindle Store in the publishing market offers the possibility of extremely lucrative book sales for self-published writers. You can find our own complete self-publishing guide right here should you need it. Authors are an impatient bunch. In the eagerness to share our scoundrel rakes and dastardly villains with the reading public, we can often rush through critical steps, and miss powerful, free opportunities for visibility in the Kindle Store — a classic example being keywords and categories. Many writers give little thought about metadata until confronted with the box on KDP, which is hardly the optimal time to be researching keywords and categories.




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