Harry potter best moments books

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harry potter best moments books

7 of the Funniest Weasley Moments From the Harry Potter Books

From to , eight Harry Potter movies were released that followed the journey of J. Fans of the books rushed to theaters to see the films, but as all book-readers know, there are dozens of important scenes, moments and characters who are missing from the films. You were over-the-moon about just having watched your favorite books come to life, and yet you felt cheated because of all the special moments that were left out. Along with the missing back story, the films also left characters, events, comedic moments, and symbolic items on the cutting room floor. Here are 25 of the best Harry Potter book scenes, moments and characters that should have made it to the movies:.
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Top 10 Unforgettable Harry Potter Moments

The Harry Potter books had their fair share of tearjerkers, but they made us cry with laughter too. Here's our list of the moments that had us.

7 of the Funniest Weasley Moments From the Harry Potter Books

The Harry Potter book series is full of unforgettable characters including humans, beasts, and creatures. One lovable bunch are the Weasley family, which take Harry in and treat him like one of their own. While a lot of dark things are happening throughout the Wizarding World, there are four Weasleys in particular that readers can count on to make them laugh: twins Fred and George, the youngest brother Ron, and the youngest of all the Weasley siblings, Ginny. Not only do these four siblings make jokes about other people, they also make funny comments about each other. You have to love family.

We all know the Harry Potter series is an international phenomenon that has inspired millions of children to read and spawned two movie franchises, a critically acclaimed stage show, and theme parks. Rowling can be. Here are some of our favorite funny moments from across the seven-book series. Add to Bag. Would you care for a lemon drop? It was covered in what looked like lumpy gray glue.

Wizards And Whatnot

Ah, the films. The Harry Potter film adaptations are a hot topic of debate within the fandom. Some love them, some hate them, and some accept their flaws and cherish them anyways. But even the most fanatic lover of the series has to admit that the films did leave out some of the most entertaining and even important parts when turning the books into film form. I get it.

Apparently they tried to give Daniel Radcliffe colored contacts, but they agitated his eyes. They should have at least cast a young Lily with the blue eyes. Peeves was originally in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie, played by Rik Mayal, but his character was cut last minute. Black, Pettigrew, and Potter all became Animagi to join Lupin when he transformed into a werewolf. She belonged to the Crouch family, but was dismissed by Barty Crouch Sr. She relocated to Hogwarts, but suffered from depression and picked up a serious Butterbeer-drinking problem.



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