Best free fonts for book covers

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best free fonts for book covers

5 Great Fonts for Book Covers

The power of design is undeniable. It can create an emotional connection, cultivate a community, or convey information in just one glance. While there are many elements of design that create incredible or sub-par… designs, one element has a distinct importance: Fonts. From the color to the style to the spacing, the right typography can make or break a design. And when your design is a book cover, which relies on words to retain readers, the importance of your book cover font grows tenfold. Luckily, understanding how fonts can work in your favor is easier than you think.
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Dymo tape font--free & great for book covers

No matter how stunning your book cover is, or how amazing the story, choosing the right font for your book can make a big difference when you publish your book. If you want to add to your design fun and good mood — your choice is Krabuler. This font made specifically for kids.

Top 10 Free Fonts You Should Be Using When Writing a Book

More recent interpretations of the covers by Levente Szabo still use the same typeface, and look just as relevant today:. The revised covers, also published by Penguin, for classic titles such as Moby Dick use Wile , a lovely serif font with a clean, classic look:. These covers, designed by Jessica Hische , reinterpret a very traditional hardback format, and use vintage-style typography for an authentic, ornate look. To mimic this look, try Nexa Rust , a more modernised version of a slab style, or Asterx , for adding a gothic twist to your text:. Or try Hebrew Michol for a similar vibe:. For some titles, a simple sans serif can look really effective without being overwhelming. A romantic or nostalgic fiction cover needs a font with more emotion.

While the intention is right, the result is usually a book cover that stands out in the wrong way. Tried and true typefaces generate the best book covers. Like every other rule, there are exceptions, but when you need to guarantee results, a classic typeface will serve you best. Further down the article is a list of recommended choices. In over-embellished Monotype Corsiva, th e first cover below is frilly and unpolished. It appears both dated and homemade. A single typeface is all you need to design great book covers.

Contributed by Reedsy. As you might guess, the typeface of your book title and other cover text the style and appearance on the page are just as important. First impressions count. This post will dive into this crucial component of a book cover. Read on to find out how to handle book cover typography — and how to make yours stand out and sell your book.

The psychology behind book cover typography and how to choose the best You can download lots of free sans serif fonts and serif fonts depending on the.
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One of the most consistent and easily corrected mistakes I see with book covers that are designed by authors is weak or inappropriate typography. It would simply look dangerously out of place. This last reason is probably the most common. Display fonts are different from text fonts. Their weights, spacing, set widths and many other tiny details differ.


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