Best mcat book for psychology and sociology

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best mcat book for psychology and sociology

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Start studying now. The following table is a guide for helping you narrow in on particular areas of the MCAT to round out your studying and practice. We now have over practice questions and over lessons! You can use my 2-month study plan as a guide to the course. Online
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How to study Psych/Soc MCAT

For those that did well in psychology and sociology on the MCAt, did you use Welcome to the BEST place for MCAT prep and practice materials. . I used the EK psych/soc book, which I really liked, and reviewed the pg.

MCAT Self Prep

Do you ever worry that your low GPA will keep you out of medical school? This is common among many premeds, including Ben who found a way to overcome! I was a psych major for one year before switching out. I studied for the MCAT for three months, seven days per week, roughly six to eight hours a day, realistically. The first run through of the content was to familiarize myself with the material.

The section covers both sociology and psychology. Because there is no resource out there that covers every single term you might expect to see in this section, make sure to get as much exposure to these topics as you can. By the time you take the MCAT, you should have:. Although not all medical schools require you to have taken these classes, if you want a high MCAT score, you will want to take them anyway. One trend among students that score a on this section is that psychology or sociology was their major in college.

The Ultimate Study Combination

These courses are fantastic in their own right, but for those with discipline and strong study skills, there are self-study MCAT prep options at only a fraction of the cost! This MCAT book set offered by Kaplan includes an expert study plan, detailed subject review, and hundreds of online and in-book practice questions. With full-color illustrations, online resources, and high-yield badges to help you focus your study, we think these are some of the best MCAT prep books out there. All the material in this book are vetted by medical experts as well as an MD for complete accuracy. In addition to end-of-chapter outlines that summarize chapter material, each of these books offer glossaries and indexes that makes working through the AAMC guide super convenient. Also included are concept checks, although not really in standard AAMC question formatting, they are still helpful in recalling information and checking that you understand the content you just read.


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