Best hotel booking site 2017

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best hotel booking site 2017

Best and Worst Hotel Booking Sites

With all those inventions and advancement in technology, how easier our lives have become. And of all the innovations, the development of the internet and the online services proved to be a blessing for the modern world. The world is at your fingertips and the physical boundaries have been overcome. For instance, you can find the best restaurant that serves sushi in your locality. Similarly, you can also find the best sushi restaurant in the farthest corner of the world and even book a table for yourself!!
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There is never any extra cost to you for using these links. I go into more detail below but these are the best sites for booking hotels, saving money, and finding last minute hotel rooms.

The Best Hotel Booking Sites

But we can tell you firsthand those aggregators almost never actually work to find the best hotel deal. So what are the best hotel booking sites in for the best deals? We have been booking hotels non-stop for the past three and a half years now. We have developed our favorite sites and booking strategies in the process. We tend to favor some of the more popular sites, as we have found they are popular for good reason. But we constantly keep a pulse on the latest emerging booking websites too, so we welcome bringing in new hotel booking websites into our searching routine to examine how they perform. That may seem like an unusually low amount, which would only land you in some nasty budget hotel.

As much as I love hostels and other forms of cheap accommodation, there is something nice about the luxuriousness of a hotel: the clean room, comfy bed, desk, iron, strong shower, and bottled soap for the taking errr…I mean borrowing. They are quiet, relaxing, and a respite from the world. But luxury comes at a price. Plus, I have a ton of points so free is worth the isolation. A few years ago, I was traveling to conferences and other work-related events a lot and staying in a bunch of hotels.

Best and Worst Hotel Booking Sites. By Reid Bramblett In , we challenged the best-known hotel search engines to see which could find the best prices on each of 25 different searches. A lot has changed in the industry since then, so it was time for a rematch—and the results were truly surprising. We tested the big names, head-to-head, to see which ones yield the best crop of options. We threw twice as many scenarios at them this time, 50 tests in all, to determine which site found the most options and the lowest rates in Orlando, Boston, Rome, London, and Hong Kong—both in general and on four specific hotels in varying price brackets in each city. Performance was weighted: For most factors, a site got 2 points for performing at the top of the class down to -2 points for coming out at the bottom. Better Booking First, it pays to know how to use this list.

The Best Hotel Booking Sites for Comparing Prices

Because the majority of these services are owned by either Expedia or Priceline, we found very little difference in how each site functions. Instead we focused on rewards plans and tools to help you get the best price, like price watch or price matching. Our pick for the best hotel booking service is Hotels. This service found low prices, was easy to use and has a good rewards program. Expedia has the best rewards program, offering members-only prices, rewards points and other benefits. These perks make it the best value in a hotel booking service, especially for frequent travelers. Orbitz is the best choice for complete travel packages.


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