Best new coming of age books

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best new coming of age books

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Coming Of Age. A coming-of-age story is a genre of literature that focuses on the growth of a protagonist from youth to adulthood "coming of age". Coming-of-age stories tend to emphasize dialogue or internal monologue over action, and are often set in the past or have adults looking back into the past. The subjects of coming-of-age stories are typically males in their mid teens, although sometimes females are the protagonists. Coming-of-age is a theme that fits multiple genres. More new releases tagged "coming of age"
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The 30 best coming-of-age novels

There are some books that just stay with us, no matter how many decades ago we read them. In some cases, they gave voice to our lives and articulated our coming-of-age. Now, a few are showing up in our teenagers' high school literature classes, which, we suppose, technically makes them -- and us -- history. Here is some of what they said:. Some authors should publish only one flawless book. This was Facebook fan Julie Butler's favorite. Ditto for Kaye Kerr.

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Where there are alienated teenagers there will be novelists not far behind. The journey from child to adult is a memorable one. No matter whether you traverse its choppy waves successfully or not, there is bound to be confusion, complexity and, of course, fun. As such this crossing — and just the essence of being a teenager — has long been a fascinating subject for writers. Some draw on their own experiences, some imagine alternative histories, the best will always provide succour for those in the middle of this maelstrom and perhaps nostalgia, and even answers, for those whose younger days are long gone.

Sometimes the main character is just so real, you can see your younger self in their personality. So, attention adults adulting, and kids and teens adulting—you are not alone.
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Coming of age stories are one of the oldest themes in fiction, providing a sense of progression and growth that can't be rivaled. It's a concept that rings strong in every person; we have all, at one point, undergone the coming of age.

The coming-of-age story, the so-called Bildungsroman in German, has been a popular genre for over a decade. One of the ultimate classics. The book was written in by American author J. The story follows teenage Holden Caulfield, as he wanders through New York after being kicked out of school, evading his parents and making plans of running away into the wild. The book still has a strong influence on modern day culture and has been referenced in film, television, literature, music and video games.

The end of summer is traditional coming of age time. Your new best friend is going home. Your new boyfriend starts pretending not to know you. Your parents discover your secret hiding place and turn it into a mudroom. You move to a new town.

What does it really mean to grow up? Loss of innocence? Becoming self-sufficient? Turning 18? Running out of "firsts" to check off the bucket list? Defining what it is, exactly, might be beyond the point if we can all relate to the transformations that unfold during adolescence and early adulthood. And coming-of-age books tend to capture these abstract yet essential processes best.


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    The end of summer is traditional coming of age time. Your new best friend is going home. Your new boyfriend starts pretending not to know you.

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