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Silver and Gold PDF

Learn more about Investing in Precious Metals. Learn more about Precious Metals. Learn more about Investing in Rare Coins. Learn more about Bullion Coins. Learn more about Coin Grading.
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Published 15.01.2019

How To Invest In Gold For Beginners

Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver

Goldbugs, who can cite a litany of well-reasoned and long-held beliefs explaining why gold and silver always have been and always will be a great holder of value. Goldbears, who can cite a litany of well-reasoned and long-held beliefs explaining why gold and silver always have been and always will be a risky if not outright silly way of gambling on greater fools. At this point in time, with gold and silver prices down big from their recent highs and with all the ramifications and endgames of Wall Street, Washington, and global policies, especially since the TARP Bailouts changed everything , I am indeed buying physical gold and silver aggressively. Presently though, I am slowly but surely adding to my physical gold and silver coins and bullion and plan to keep doing so for the next year at least. I think the currency wars around the globe are still escalating in a race-to-the-bottom endgame.

Some of my friends who know that I collect coins and buy bullion have told me that they would like Unlike silver, gold is readily sold in fractions of an ounce and by grams. . I would not use a bank safe deposit box to store bullion. If there is a.
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Why is that? Part of the reason is these dealers are big advertisers on television and radio.

Read the reviews below which are taken directly from Amazon. Please click here to purchase. If you have a Kindle, please click here to purchase. Against this backdrop, Doug argues persuasively that gold should be part of a balanced investment portfolio. By describing these tactics and the fallacies therein, Doug prepares the would-be gold buyer to deal with the various hard-sell tactics they might encounter. Finally, Doug makes recommendations for the types of gold an investor should purchase, offering specific and helpful suggestions. While the portion of the book dedicated to silver is somewhat abbreviated, most of the principles Doug discusses with respect to gold apply to silver, as well.

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