Hope and other dangerous pursuits pdf

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hope and other dangerous pursuits pdf

Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits by Laila Lalami

The four main characters of this linked series of fictional profiles are connected by a single goal: the desire to emigrate from Morocco to Spain, where there are jobs. Lalami, author of the literary blog moorishgirl. The next four chapters flash back to their varying lives in Morocco: Faten, a lower-class, college-aged woman appears only through the eyes of middle-class friend Noura's parents, who are horror-stricken as Noura falls under Faten's influence and begins wearing the hijab; Halima, a financially struggling mother who, with her children, is escaping an abusive marriage; Aziz Ammor, who hopes to support his wife by finding work in Spain; and Murad, a college graduate who makes pocket money by taking Paul Bowles fans on informal tours. The four following chapters detail, with sensitivity and journalistic clarity, their lives after the trip across the Strait. Less a novel than a set of finely detailed portraits, this book gives outsiders a glimpse of some of Moroccan society's strata and the desperation that underlies many ordinary lives.
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Laila Lalami on Hope and Immigration

Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits

As four Moroccans illegally cross the Strait of Gibraltar in an inflatable boat headed for Spain, author Laila Lalami asks, What has driven them to risk their lives? And will the rewards prove to be worth the danger? Sensitively written with beauty and boldness, this is a gripping book about what propels people to risk their lives in search of a better future. Murad has pondered that number hundreds of times in the last year, trying to decide whether the risk was worth it. Some days he told himself that the distance was nothing, a brief inconvenience, that the crossing would take as little as thirty minutes if the weather was good. He spent hours thinking about what he would do once he was on the other side, imagining the job, the car, the house. Tonight the sea appears calm, with only a slight wind now and then.

It has been described as a novel, and as a linked series of short stories [1] or fictional portraits. A group of young Moroccan immigrants seeking a better life in Spain cross the Strait of Gibraltar on a lifeboat. When it capsizes near shore, it is everyone for themselves. The book chronicles the lives of four of the passengers: two men and two women, Murad, Aziz, Halima, with her three small children; and Faten, exploring their lives before the trip and why they chose the dangerous path of immigration. Lalani has said she was inspired by an article in Le Monde about some Moroccan immigrants. In the Washington Post , Carolyn See described it as "a bracing and beautiful little novel.

Laila Lalami is the author of the book Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits which is less than two hundred pages. The book has artistic approach indicating integration of a careful thought. The novel is inspired by the stories about Moroccans trying to cross over to Spain illegally through the strait of Gibraltar, hoping to start a better life in Spain. The novel has sequence of events, starting from the crossing of the sea. The book explains reasons that drive people to make extra ordinary choices Lalami 5.

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I have followed her writing there for some time and have been looking for the novel locally for a while; I was very pleased, therefore, to come across it on my recent expedition to The Strand. This artistic care and it does, somehow, strike me as a careful book, by which I mean painstaking, not cautious is dedicated to such a quietly harrowing account of hopes turned back and diminished, though, that pleasure seems an uncomfortably voyeuristic response. Lalami explains on her website that the novel was inspired by stories she read about Moroccans attempting illegal crossings of the Strait of Gibraltar, hoping to begin a new life in Spain. The novel is artfully constructed, beginning with the crossing itself, introducing us to each of the four protagonists huddled with 25 other people in a 6-meter Zodiac. The pilot refuses to take them all the way to land; they are all tipped into the water and make their desperate way across the last stretch of water to the beach as best they can, only to face the unwelcoming realities that await them on shore.


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