Chemical kinetics and catalysis pdf

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chemical kinetics and catalysis pdf

Types of catalysts (article) | Kinetics | Khan Academy

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Factors Affecting the Rate of the Reaction - Chemical Kinetics

Types of catalysts

A single chemical reaction is said to be autocatalytic if one of the reaction products is also a catalyst for the same or a coupled reaction. A set of chemical reactions can be said to be "collectively autocatalytic" if a number of those reactions produce, as reaction products, catalysts for enough of the other reactions that the entire set of chemical reactions is self-sustaining given an input of energy and food molecules see autocatalytic set. The chemical reaction proceeds in both the forward and reverse direction. This equation is easily generalized to any number of reactants, products, and reactions. In chemical equilibrium the forward and reverse reaction rates are such that each chemical species is being created at the same rate it is being destroyed. In other words, the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. Far from equilibrium, the forward and reverse reaction rates no longer balance and the concentration of reactants and products is no longer constant.

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Chemical Kinetics - A Model for Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis.

Keynote Lectures. Catalytic surface reaction pathways and energetics from first principles M. Molecular studies of the mobility of surface metal atoms and adsorbates during catalytic reactions G. Somorjai, G. Molecular kinetics of heterogeneous catalytic reactions R.


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