Political concepts and political theories pdf

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political concepts and political theories pdf

Aristotle’s Political Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Turning from the Ethics treatises to their sequel, the Politics , the reader is brought down to earth. He and his students documented the constitutions of states—one of which, The Constitution of Athens , has survived on papyrus. The aim of the Politics , Aristotle says, is to investigate, on the basis of the constitutions collected, what makes for good government and what makes for bad government and to identify the factors favourable or unfavourable to the preservation of a constitution. Aristotle asserts that all communities aim at some good. The state polis , by which he means a city-state such as Athens, is the highest kind of community , aiming at the highest of goods. The most primitive communities are families of men and women, masters and slaves.
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POLITICAL THEORY – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Political Concepts And Political Theories

Political theory is the study of political ideas and values like justice, power and democracy that we use to describe, understand and assess political practices and institutions. Undergraduate education in political theory at Vanderbilt approaches this study in two ways: by introducing students to the historical tradition of political theory and by educating students in the debates of contemporary political theory. Many of our courses combine both perspectives so that students can, for example, learn about important concepts like justice or democracy as we have understood them historically and as we view them today. In keeping with requirements for the political science major link or minor link , students may choose to focus in political theory as a specialty, but we also welcome students from other departments to take as many of our courses as they wish. Students who are interested in beginning a course of study in political theory should take PSCI Justice, a class that introduces students to a major theme in historical and contemporary thought and to the ways of approaching political problems using theory.

Sustainability Science. Today, representative politics are often perceived as being primarily concerned with short-term goals. Moreover, the future appears to be pre-determined by economic or technological necessities. These catastrophic developments could only be mitigated by immediate, decisive political interventions, which would amount to systemic changes that redirect technological research and economic activities. I argue that political thought should take temporality, and in particular futurity, as a central conceptual and methodological concern. Politics is concerned with the future—this seems to be too obvious to need stating.

This volume brings together a selection of Iain Hampsher-Monk's writings on questions of historicity and rationality in political theory, together with a substantial introduction written for the volume. There are two loci around which the work revolves — one is the relationship between history and philosophy in the analysis of key concepts such as liberty, democracy and toleration, the other is the role of reason in political science's explanations. Here, his reflections on the historicity of concepts in political science are presented alongside articles dealing with the role and limitations of economic modes of rationality in social and political theorising.
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Christian List and Laura Valentini

Aristotle b. Along with his teacher Plato, Aristotle is generally regarded as one of the most influential ancient thinkers in a number of philosophical fields, including political theory. Aristotle was born in Stagira in northern Greece, and his father was a court physician to the king of Macedon. As a young man he studied in Plato's Academy in Athens. Soon after Alexander succeeded his father, consolidated the conquest of the Greek city-states, and launched the invasion of the Persian Empire. Aristotle returned as a resident alien to Athens, and was a close friend of Antipater, the Macedonian viceroy.

After distinguishing political theory from related fields, such as political science, moral philosophy, and legal theory, the article discusses the analysis of political concepts. It then turns to the notions of principles and theories, as distinct from concepts, and reviews the methods of assessing such principles and theories e. Finally, it looks at a recent debate on how abstract and idealized political theory should be, and assesses the significance of disagreement in political theory. The discussion is carried out from an angle inspired by the philosophy of science. Keywords: political theory , political philosophy , abstraction , idealization , political concepts , principles and theories , disagreement , reflective equilibrium , abstraction , idealization.

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