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Jane Addams' Social Ethics

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Democracy and social ethics

New York. Norwood Press. The following pages present the substance of a course of twelve lectures on " Democracy and Social Ethics" which have been delivered at various colleges and university extension centres. In putting them into the form of a book, no attempt has been made to change the somewhat informal style used in speaking. The "we" and "us" which originally referred to the speaker and her audience are merely extended to possible readers.

Jane Addams — was an activist, community organizer, international peace advocate and a social philosopher in the United States during the late 19th century and early 20th century. The dynamics of canon formation, however, resulted in her philosophical work being largely ignored until the s. Recent work by feminist philosophers and historians has revealed that Addams was far more than a competent technician. Her dozen published books and over articles display a robust intellectual interplay between experience and reflection in the American pragmatist tradition. The near half-century that she lived and worked as the leader of the Chicago social settlement, Hull House, gave her an opportunity to bring her commitment to social improvement, feminism, diversity, and peace to direct action. These experiences provided the foundation for an engaging philosophical perspective. Addams viewed her settlement work as a grand epistemological endeavor but in the process she also never forgot the humanity of her neighbors.

Journal of Women's History A New Conscience and an Ancient Evil. Introduction by Katherine Joslin. ISBN pb. Jane Addams. Democracy and Social Ethics. Introduction by Charlene Haddock Seigfried.

Democracy and Social Ethics

This chapter describes the sociological reasoning that leads Addams to grant ethics fundamental explanatory power., Nearly a century before the advent of "multiculturalism," Jane Addams put forward her conception of the moral significance of diversity. Each member of a democracy, Addams believed, is under a moral obligation to seek out diverse experiences, making a daily effort to confront others' perspectives.

Certain forms of personal righteousness have become to a majority of the. It is as easy for most of us to keep from stealing our dinners as it is to digest them, and there is quite as much voluntary morality involved in one process as in the other. To steal would be for us to fall sadly below the standard of habit and expectation which makes virtue easy. In the same way we have been carefully reared to a sense of family obligation, to be kindly and considerate to the members of our own households, and to feel responsible for their well-being. As the rules of conduct have become established in regard to our self-development and our families, so they have been in regard to limited circles of friends. If the of these claims were all that a righteous life required, the hunger and thirst would be stilled for many good men and women, and the clew of right living would lie easily in their hands. But we all know that each generation has its own test, the contemporaneous and current standard by which alone it can adequately judge of its own moral achievements, and that it may not legitimately use a previous and less vigorous test.




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