Sailing fitness and training pdf

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sailing fitness and training pdf

Sailing Fitness and Training by Michael Blackburn - The Final Beat

Sailing medicine has been mainly addressed by healthcare professionals who happen to sail. Although there has been an increase in the number of studies of various aspects of sailing over the last 15 years, efforts to advance evidence based knowledge of sailing and sports medicine face unique obstacles. Recent interest in research by groups such as Olympic and America's Cup teams has produced beneficial changes. A global review of sports medicine publications within the realm of sailing produced a list of articles that cover a wide array of publications and opinions. The last 15 years have seen an increase in studies applied to various aspects of sailing, although efforts to advance evidence based knowledge of sailing and sports medicine face many unique obstacles. Historically, sailing medicine has been addressed by healthcare professionals who happen to sail, receiving minimal support for their efforts.
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Fitness Top Tips with Finn Sailor Andrew Mills - Pumping Iron with the British Sailing Team

Sailing and sports medicine: a literature review

Sailing Fitness and Training focuses on the human physical factors that affect sailing performance. You'll discover how to develop your strength, endurance, flexibility and agility for sailing. This third edition of Sailing Fitness and Training has been extensively tuned up with the aid of another 10 years of experience sailing, training, setting training programs for others and, most recently, coaching at the highest level including World and Olympic Champion Tom Slingsby. The edition I first had was 'Sail Fitter', which is the paperback version, but this newer Kindle version is more modern, has more information, and is cheaper too. We are lucky to have Michael Blackburn as it is hard to think of someone better qualified to write about sailing fitness:. The best thing about Sailing Fitness and Training is that it covers everything you need to know to get yourself in shape for sailing.

I could not think of anyone better qualified to write a book about fitness for small boat sailing than Michael Blackburn - Bob Ross. Blackburn is doubly qualified to give advice to sailors on how to achieve their best. The best source to date for training. To me it is the definitive bible of Laser training methods. This is the best book on fitness for sailing I've ever read. Rent or buy Michael's Bass Strait Laser video.


The Top Five Fitness Tips for Sailors: (That cost nothing!)








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    I thought it would be good to speak with him and see what updates he believes are the Top Five things any sailor should be doing, to prepare their bodies for racing.

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    Strength training for sailors -

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    There are many paths to the goal of getting stronger for sailing, and I give a few examples below, but above all, follow these five principles and you will make great gains:.

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