Multiphase flows with droplets and particles pdf

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multiphase flows with droplets and particles pdf

Shock wave interactions with particles and liquid fuel droplets | SpringerLink

I would like to sign up to receive news and updates from SimScale. See Privacy Policy. One of the key factors in a numerical simulation is determining the appropriate mathematical model which describes the physics of the problem. Almost every engineering problem comprises of interactions between matter: water, air, oil, etc. For this reason, the analyst should carefully specify the problem, taking these factors into consideration. In order to understand multiphase flow properly, it is necessary to first explain the basics of the physical phenomenon:. It comprises all forms of physical elements that exist in the form of atoms.
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Multiphase Flows with Droplets and Particles, Second Edition

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Shock wave interactions with particles and liquid fuel droplets

Shock Waves. Shock waves traveling through a multiphase flow environment are studied numerically using the Flux Corrected Transport FCT algorithm. Both solid particles and liquid droplets are used as the dispersed phase with their trajectories being computed using a Lagrangian tracking scheme. The phases are coupled by including source terms which account for mass transfer, momentum, and energy exchange from the dispersed phase in the governing equations of motion for the gas phase. For solid particles, droplet size effects are examined at constant mass loading. Deceleration of the shock wave is observed with effects increasing with decreasing particle size. The equilibrium velocity attained is found to agree with analytical results for an equivalent dense gas with a modified specific heat ratio.

Since the publication of the first edition of Multiphase Flow with Droplets and Particles, there have been significant advances in science and engineering applications of multiphase fluid flow. Maintaining the pedagogical approach that made the first edition so popular, this second edition provides a background in this important area of fluid mechanics to those new to the field and a resource to those actively involved in the design and development of multiphase systems. ISBN, This book covers all aspects of multiphase flows, from fundamentals to numerical methods and instrumentation. The book includes up-to-date information on practical industrial applications such as boiling and condensation, fluidized beds, aerosols,

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