Shamoo and resnik responsible conduct of research pdf

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shamoo and resnik responsible conduct of research pdf

Data-Intensive Science and Research Integrity

Recent scandals and controversies—such as the falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism of data in federally funded science; the manipulation and distortion of research sponsored by private companies; human embryonic stem cell research; cloning; and the patenting of DNA and cell lines—illustrate the importance of ethics in scientific research. This book provides an introduction and overview of many of the social, ethical, and legal issues facing scientists today. The book includes chapters on research misconduct, conflicts of interest, data management, mentoring, authorship, peer review, publ The book includes chapters on research misconduct, conflicts of interest, data management, mentoring, authorship, peer review, publication, intellectual property, research with human subjects, research with animal subjects, genetic and stem cell research, international research, and ethical decision making. The book also features dozens of real and hypothetical cases for discussion and analysis and introduces the reader to important research regulations and guidelines. Now in its second edition, this book synthesizes the diverse talents and experiences.
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Utilizing the Research Ethics Review Process as a Method to Incorporate Quality by Design

Responsible conduct of research / Adil E. Shamoo and David B. Resnik. — Third edition. p. cm. professional codes of ethics in research (Shamoo and Resnik a),

Responsible Conduct of Research-Shampoon Resnik

Contributors: Adil E. Shamoo - Author, David B. Resnik - Author. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Place of publication: New York. Publication year:

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In this commentary, we consider questions related to research integrity in data-intensive science and argue that there is no need to create a distinct category of misconduct that applies to deception related to processing, analyzing, or interpreting data. The best way to promote integrity in data-intensive science is to maintain a firm commitment to epistemological and ethical values, such as honesty, openness, transparency, and objectivity, which apply to all types of research, and to promote education, policy development, and scholarly debate concerning appropriate uses of statistics. The growing importance of data-intensive science a. Data-intensive science has been described as research in which the capture, curation, and analysis of large volumes of data is central to the scientific question. While efforts to handle such large quantities of data often challenge traditional approaches Hey et al , historians have pointed out that scientists have faced challenges in collecting and analyzing large volumes of data for centuries Laudan , Muller-Wille and Charmantier


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